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Phone number discoverability is an amazing feature of Skype that sets it apart from other instant messaging apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat and others.

Microsoft has announced the latest version of Skype for Android that features number discoverability for the convenience of users. This feature also allows users to add people from their phones’ address book. This has exempted users from entering new numbers into Skype contact list from their mobile’s address book. Your Skype account will automatically get updated with your phone’s address book. This exciting feature of Skype has got worldwide popularity. Once Skype identifies your number, it will scan other users’ numbers in Skype contact list. It mainly uses the phone number to allow easy connection with users.

With this feature, Skype will scan the contacts in your phone’s address book and show up the users automatically. This app will scan the contacts and add new people as new users of Skype or link their phone numbers to your Skype account. However, you will get the option to either add a person to your contact list shown by Skype or remove it from the list. You can avail this option only through Skype settings.

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This new app has been launched only for Android users and the developers confirm that it will soon launch for iOS and Windows users. The best part of this app is that it will not publicly show the user’s phone number on the Skype profile. If you want to add it to your profile, you can do so from the settings, otherwise you will be able to remove it from your account so that your number cannot be viewed by any user in your Skype’s contact list.

If you sign into Skype by using Microsoft account, the new feature will automatically connect to contacts from other address books such as Windows 8 and Microsoft office outlook. However, to avail this feature, you must download the latest feature of Skype. This feature is available only in the latest version of Skype for Android users.

How to enable number discoverability in Skype’s latest version?

If you have recently installed the latest version of Skype, you must be wondering how to avail its number identification feature.

Well, it is an easy process, and here you will come to know about the steps that will help you to enable this option. This feature not only shows you the name of the person to whom the number belong to but also search your address book and add contacts to your Skype list automatically.


You don’t need to go through any complex procedure. All you need to do is to verify your mobile number. Follow the steps:

  • Open the Skype app and Click on settings
  • Go to the privacy settings of your Skype account and click on how people find me.
  • Follow the screening procedure and give your phone number. A unique verification code will be sent to your mobile.
  • You need to put that verification code into its required field
  • Once the process is done completely, you can enable the feature easily.

For ensuring the security of the personal information of users, this feature has been introduced.

However, the users will find it difficult to find their friends through this service. Still, things are about to change in future, and it is hoped that the next version of Skype will soon give users the option to add new friends using their phone numbers.

For now, this feature will not show your number on public profile and gives you the option to deactivate the service if you want to show your number to people.