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Ever since the Internet was invented, many bad intended people tried to harm others, by creating worms, viruses, spyware, malware and other dangerous files and placing them inside websites or emails. An unprotected computer is very vulnerable to cyber attacks, so we suggest you to install an antivirus software immediately. Below, we’ll compare two of the best products, McAfee and Norton Internet Security.

A 1-year subscription for the McAfee Internet Security costs $79.99, but if you’ll choose the Total Protection edition received a discount of $45 and now it costs $44.99. Norton Security for one device costs $44.99, while Norton Security with Backup costs $59.99.


Each antivirus program developer has in mind three things when working on a new product: how much it will cost, what features it will bring and how it will look like. We’ve already told you how much money you’d pay for one year with McAfee vs Norton Internet Security, about their features we’ll talk later, but now we’ll describe their interface.


Norton came up with a modern interface very similar to the Metro UI of Windows 8 PCs, and at the top, the first row of options contains Settings, Performance, Feedback, Account and Support. Below, there’s a button which is green if the computer is secure. In the middle you’ll find the buttons for Scan now, Live update and Advanced and much lower are placed the following menus: Activity map, Manage, Mobile, Safe Web Lite and Backup. Everything’s placed on top of a dark background and there’s a golden world map at the bottom, which “glitters”.

McAfee has a functional interface, but it has an old look. The background is grey, a white green band sits at the top, informing you that your computer is protected. Below, there are four large buttons for Virus and Spyware Protection; Web and Email Protection; McAfee Updates and Your Subscription. The three buttons from the right side are for Data Protection and Backup; PC and Home Network Tools and Parental Controls.


Norton Internet Security managed to detect at least 90 percent of the known viruses, and it’s very efficient when it comes to protecting the users against many phishing schemes and other harmful web content. McAfee Internet Security didn’t have a good result, but at least, it warns you if it considers a web address being malicious, without blocking your access to it.



Norton Internet Security offers: Insight Network; Smart Firewall; Identity Safe; Download Intelligence and Vulnerability Protection.

McAfee Internet Security offers: Spam & Dangerous Email Filters; Parental Control; Vulnerability Scanner; PC Optimization Tools; McAfee Shredder and Two-way Firewall.

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