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Mobile technology has grown into something very special, whether it is on a personal note or from a business point of view.

Today, all entry level mobile phones come preinstalled with GPS capabilities. This feature has without doubt been a major turning point for most developers as they have formed business models out of integrating the opportunities that this technology presents in a bid to offer viable solutions to a wide range of services.

Today, lots of business organizations make use of location-based services in different segments of their entities with an aim of improving the interaction between them and their customers.


LINE HERE for sharing location of chatmates

One company that has taken advantage of this GPS technology is LINE Corporation, which owns the LINE messaging and calling app. This app has a very strong presence in Asia, especially its homeland Japan, Thailand as well as Taiwan. A majority of the more than 600 million people that use this app on a monthly basis come from these countries.

The company has now released a new standalone application known as LINE HERE and using this app, users of this messaging app can easily share the location of their friends in chat.

How LINE HERE works

To share a location of your chat friend, you will first need to create a location sharing room so that this room can be shared with other people in a bid to locate them.

For instance, if you want to tell your friend or group of friends about your current location using the LINE HERE app, all you need is to send them any URL via LINE messaging app, Facebook or even via SMS. Once the recipient receives the link and downloads it onto his or her device, you can easily track them on a map. Furthermore, the recipient will also be able to tell your location as long as he/she is also using LINE HERE. During one session, it is possible to include up to 200 people. The good thing is that these sessions are timed so that your friends won’t have always to know where you are at all times.


Competition for LINE HERE is tough

While LINE users might be celebrating a new addition to their favorite platform, the company is aware that it will take a lot of dedicated effort to bring the app to level terms with other competing platforms.

There are direct competitors of HERE such as Jink and Glympse while at the same time the messaging app faces huge threat from established apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

Even though LINE messenger may be a top provider of instant messaging and calling services in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, it must brace itself for the U.S. and other markets are already full of tougher competition than what is available in Asia.