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Apple will hold a great event on September 29 and with this occasion, if you got bored of your current iPhone, then soon you’ll get your hands on the new model, which will have a similar design, but improved specs. In addition to the iPhone 6S, Apple will bring the rumored iPad Pro, the fourth generation iPad Mini, the new mobile operating system and a new version for watchOS.

The iPhone 6S, as well as the iPhone 6S Plus will be made with a higher grade aluminum, which means that the new devices will no longer bend like the 2014 models. The new iPhones will support a screen with force touch, which will make the devices thicker and heavier, while the camera lens will be more protruding. The resolution will be increased to 12MP, and the camera will be able to record 4K videos. The front camera will be improved as well, and the rumors suggest that it will support a resolution of 5MP.

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The iPhone 6S/6S Plus will be powered by an A9 processor, which will be coupled with 2GB of RAM – a much needed change, for the overall performance. You’ll be able to preorder one of the phones starting from September 11, but their official release should be set for September 18, if Apple will follow the same release schedule.

Apple will launch also two new operating systems: iOS 9 and WatchOS 2. The first one is for the mobile devices and it comes with many new features and performance improvements, while the other one is for the Apple Watch wearable.

The iPad Pro is expected to sport a 12.9-inch screen with force touch and if the rumors are true, this will be the first Apple tablet with a stylus. The sources say that it will be shipped before November 2015.


The iPad Mini 4 doesn’t come with major changes, as it’s more like an iPad Mini 3 refresh. If you were expecting to hear about a new iPad Air, then you’ll be disappointed, because Apple doesn’t have any plans for a successor. Or, at least, not for now.

These days, the 4th generation Apple TV will make its appearance, and you’ll be impressed by its new hardware and software, because this is the biggest update since 2012.