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Google approached the biggest names in the PC industry and these companies created a variety of laptops which were shipped with Google Chrome OS, an OS using the Linux kernel.

Also, the OS has a Google Chrome browser with an integrated media-player and the devices allow you to connect cameras, mice, flash drives and external keyboards, using the USB port. Apple has its line of tablets, so if you’re tempted to buy an iPad, first read this article, and you’ll change your mind.

Chromebooks Have No Problem Displaying Websites

A laptop is more capable than a tablet, especially when browsing the internet to collect information. Navigating on a Chromebook is a pleasant experience, the pages load fast and they are optimized for the laptop’s screen, while an iPad has issues with some websites, which aren’t displayed correctly.

acer chromebook 14

And, let’s be honest, it’s easier to use applications with a keyboard and a trackpad, instead of struggling to do a good job on a touchscreen.

You Can Share Your Chromebook

You can’t set up multiple accounts on an iPad, because when you buy one, it is associated with only one Apple ID. So, if you want to share your iPad with someone, that person will have access to your private data, which is not very safe.

When launching the Chromebook, you will sign in using your Google account, so if you want to let someone else use your laptop, you will sign out and let him/she sign in using her/his Google account, but your data and settings will be private.

Physical Keyboards Are Better Than Virtual Keyboards

iPads don’t come with a keyboard, but you can buy one. Indeed, you’ll speed a lot of money on it, but you will enjoy your gaming experience even more. The awesome thing about buying a laptop, is that it has a large keyboard which is very useful for typing up documents. Plus, it’s simpler to copy/past texts from a website, to a document using the touchpad and control buttons or a mouse. However, remember that a laptop is more portable than an iPhad with accessories.

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Most Chromebooks Are Cheaper Than An iPad

Apple launched all kinds of iPad models: the standard iPads, the more premium iPad Air and the iPad mini variants, and their prices vary from $299 to $829, depending on the variant and storage capacity.

The cheapest Chromebook is $149 (Haier Chromebook 11 or the Hisense Chromebook), but there are also high-end models which cost even $999 (Chromebook Pixel). However, the average price of a Chromebook is $300.

It’s Easier To Clean Up Files On Chromebooks

We tend to download and install all kinds of applications, which eat a lot of storage, so at some point, we decide to get rid of them. Chromebooks don’t usually store files locally, so it’s easier to keep the devices clean. iPads don’t automatically install updates, so you need to manually check for them, every once in a while, while Chromebooks find new updates all the time and install them everytime they are turned on.