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When it comes to productivity platforms and apps, there is no hotter app at the moment than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that was founded in 2009 and it was only meant for mobile phone users. However, the app grew into something big enough to prompt Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to dish out a whopping $19 billion to the developers of this messaging app.

It seems this American programmer had more in mind as this app has begun streamlining the operations of many business organizations that are now beginning to depend on it, especially when it comes to telecommuting workers and project teams.

WhatsApp 2.12.264 BETA, WhatsApp Windows Phone,  Enhanced Notifications

The right thing with this app is that it can sync with a user’s PC via a web application known as WhatsApp Web. This platform requires that one access the web app via Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera. Internet Explorer has never been in line for a WhatsApp Web update.

This may be because the company behind it had made it official that it was going to ditch this web browser when it rolls out the new Windows 10. For sure, this is happening as there is no IE in this new OS, with the browser creating room for the new Microsoft Edge browser.

WhatsApp Web adds Edge compatibility for desktop users

Windows 10 has now launched, and it is already on more than 75 million devices across the globe. However, even though there is a possibility of using WhatsApp Web on Edge browser, this update does not come from the Microsoft end. As a result, it needs some tweak to be performed on the web version of WhatsApp can be used.

Whatsie – The Desktop Client For WhatsApp Web With Themes

First, you will have to launch the Edge browser and tap on the F12 key. Find your way to the Emulation tab and change the User Agent String from Microsoft Edge into something you have installed on your PC, be it Chrome, Opera or Firefox. This will let you access WhatsApp Web via the normal page at You will be able to scan a QR code on this page and log into WhatsApp Web normally via the Edge browser on your Windows 10 PC.

However, for this to work, you need to make sure that the versions of WhatsApp and Chrome/Firefox/Opera installed on your smartphone and desktop respectively, are the latest.Also, keep in mind that for WhatsApp messages to keep coming to the Web client, the phone needs to be connected to the internet.

So, you better grab yourself an unlimited data plan just in case you can’t access a Wi-Fi connection.