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Viber developers keep revamping this messaging app with numerous updates that bring along a bunch of new features and improved services as well.

These developments and new features are aimed at keeping hold of the millions of users who use this app, lure more users to the app as well as keep streamlined with the pace at which Google is developing Android mobile operating system.

The most recent version is Viber, and you can get directly from the Google Play Store free. Alternatively, this application can be downloaded and installed directly from the official website of the application.

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Why should you update to the latest version of Viber

As an Android user, it is very essential that you update to the latest version of Viber via the Google Play Store. One major reason you should do this is because the many bug fixes the new version brings to the fold. Furthermore, the app comes with lots of developments, especially when compared to the previous version. There is no way the latest Viber will disappoint you.

Even though the fixes included in the new version are not that humongous, their significance is extremely huge. They have come in to take care of the many buggy issues you have been having, especially when making voice and video calls on poor networks. The aim of the developers of this app is to make sure that all users remain satisfied with the app and its services.

Latest Viber version is still a top app with top features

Now that there is a new version of Viber doesn’t mean everything about the previous version has changed as well. The messenger is still one of the top apps in the VoIP world thanks to the many features it comes with.

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Viber now supports up to 35 languages, an improvement from the previous 20. Furthermore, the app now comes with a better spam filter to take care of the many spam messages that users had been complaining about. You will also come across a huge sticker collection where there are both free and premium versions.

If you love talking, Viber free calling app is what you need to be installed on your Android device. This app offers the best HD quality calls, be it voice or video and the experience you get will be smoother than before. There is nothing to worry about if someone you wish to talk to isn’t on Viber. There is the ViberOut feature that lets you make calls to landlines and non-Viber mobile numbers at very affordable rates. The feature requires that you get Viber credits from the official website before proceeding with the calls.

Save data on Viber Media

Viber has a new setting that lets users minimize the amount of data used when sending messages and making calls via mobile data plans. This is similar to what WhatsApp recently rolled out in the shape of Low data usage during WhatsApp calls as it helps in optimizing minimal usage of data when using mobile networks to send messages and make calls via Viber.

If you have not updated to the new version of Viber, it is right there in the Google Play Store, and you know what? It’s totally free for life.