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Smartphones are used not only for making calls or for taking photos. Nowadays, people install all kinds of games and applications to fill their free time, but some apps were not created for entertainment purpose, but to help users out in difficult situations.

Navigation applications are very useful when traveling to a foreign location, giving turn-by-turn directions and offering lots of other features. TomTom Go Mobile is a satnav app which costs £15 per year or £35 for three years and its biggest rival is Google’s free Navigation service.


These applications are battery-killers, so we suggest you to connect them up to a power source. If you’ve installed Google Navigation, after saying “OK, Google”, you will dictate the name of a contact from your phonebook (Navigate to X) and the application will direct you to his/her place, selecting the best route.

TomTom will take to your contact, but it must be set the default sat-nav, because otherwise, it will take a lot of time to load and to allow you to enter the menu, from where you will set-up the journey. If you want to return home, there’s a button for your location – Drive Home.

Google Navigation has three options on a map which you’ll follow to your desired destination. You’ll get the distance and estimated journey time, so you’ll know how long it takes to travel from one place to another.


TomTom will give you the fastest route, but you can choose an alternative from the Settings. The application has many navigation choices and they’re all very precise. Whenever a new fast route becomes available, TomTom informs you, after analyzing the traffic and all the obstacles that appear on the way.

Both applications offer voice and turn instructions, but it seams that TomTom pronounces road names better. Google has a problem with alternative route times disappearing from time to time, which is a bit frustrating you if you need them, but they are gone too fast.

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