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Sony has been trying to increase its foothold in the smartphone segment for the last few years, and it has made a substantial increment in terms of quality of its high-end devices.

The Sony Xperia Z3 became a real statement, and subsequent generations have been excellent as well. The latest in the line-up is the Xperia Z5, which comes just ahead of the iPhone 6S launch.


Some of the primary design elements of the Xperia Z5 are very similar compared to the previous generations. Sony appears to have gone down the route of sticking with the same if it is not broken. Samsung is one of the recent examples of massive failures with this strategy, but Sony had a strong base of premium aspect to build upon.

Sony Xperia Z5

Unlike phones from Samsung, Sony already had devices that boasted of glass and other premium materials. The Xperia Z5 keeps up with this trend. One disappointment might be the fact that the overall thickness and the weight of the device have gone up a notch.


The Xperia Z5 is now on par with the Xperia Z3 in terms of dimensions like thickness and weight. The crucial aspect, though, comes the micro-USB charging port. Instead of the previous generations that came with a flap cover in order to retain the water resistant features of the device, the Xperia Z5 goes down the route of the Xperia Z3+ by offering a flapless charging port.This brings the convenience of easy charging along with water resistance at the same time. It surely is an unbeatable combination in this day and age.


Some of the key elements of the device that have been changed include the camera, which is now a 23-megapixel shooter. In terms of sheer detailing capabilities, there is second to none. Sony claims that it has improved the algorithms and every other aspect of the camera to take advantage of the megapixel count.

Sony Xperia Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2, M5, M4, C5

However, the camera still has some way to go before being branded as the best in the segment. The front facing camera is a five-megapixel shooter, which should be more than good enough for excellent self-portraits. Both these cameras are provided with a range of features that include 4K video recording and HDR.


Despite concerns about the heating issues on the Snapdragon 810 processors, the Xperia Z5 sticks with the same. This is an octa-core processor of the highest standard, but it appears to be toned down a bit to prevent overheating on this device. A disappointment on the Xperia Z5 compared to previous generations might be the substantial reduction in battery size.

It has come down from over 3100 mAh a few generations ago to 2900 mAh on the Xperia Z5. Since the device comes with the same 5.2 inches full HD screen, there should not be a disadvantage in this regard. The phone will go on sale in October 2015.