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We have some good news for both the Android and iOS users. A new Skype version has been released for both of these operating systems and it is now more natural and intuitive.

The new Skype 6.0 comes with a new interface and brings the iOS style of navigation. From now on, you will see the buttons at the bottom of the application to clearly mark out the sections. This new style was brought to the Android OS also and hopefully, you will like it.

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There are also some new swipe gestures in the iOS version, which will allow the users to make mute or to delete conversations and make quick calls. When it comes to the chats, the interface is mostly the same, but you will spot an attachment icon which will allow you to add your location, photos or videos to your messages.

With other words, the redesign has been implemented in order to speed up the navigation and to make the application much easier to use. In addition, the new Skype 6.0 for iPad has also been upgraded to include all the available functionalities from the iPhone build.

You will also notice a new floating action button which will allow you to start new conversations with ease. The Android users have received some improved messaging tools, which will allow them to see how many unread messages they have and better visual cues for distinguishing the read messages from unread messages.

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The Skype 6.0 for Android and iOS also comes with improved search tools which will speed up the retrieval of important conversations or contacts. The Skype 6.0 is available for devices that run on iOS 7 or later and Android 4.0 or later.

It seems that Microsoft is currently working on a new Skype application which will be released for the Windows 10 Mobile.