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LINE messaging and calling app has introduced a new feature for all Android users.

This Japanese-based App has released a LINE Launcher for users of Android devices, and this download is available for download right away.

With just a few taps, you can easily customize your home screen into something of your choice. This is a great addition to the more than 600 million people that use this application across Japan, Thailand and the rest of the world.

LINE launcher has over 3000 customization options

The new LINE launcher is amazing. With this all-new LINE app for Android users, you will have more than 3000 options to choose from as far as customizing your home screen is concerned. In essence, the experience you get with this new launcher is something else.


You can choose from numerous themes that include trendy and classy themes as well as decide to choose a bunch of stickers and use them as your custom icons. The new LINE launcher also comes preinstalled with a battery monitor as well as a unified search bar that makes it easy when it comes to making local and web searches.

LINE to offer 100 wallpapers per day

LINE has promised its users that it will be offering them with at least 100 wallpapers that they can use to customize their user interface. Also, you will come across wallpapers and themes that are based on the famous LINE characters Sally and Brown to keep the focus on the main LINE messaging app.

Change appearance of icons and shuffle wallpapers

The new LINE launcher also adds more features to your Android device. In addition to the ability to shuffle wallpapers, users of this launcher can also change the general layout of icons including their size and names into something they prefer. There is also a built-in tool that will keep you updated on when apps installed on your device need to be updated.

If you are a current user of LINE, the new launcher will add zest to your already sweet experience of using this app. It will be impossible to miss anything on the app as this launcher provides real-time alerts whenever there is a new message or call. The good thing is that these alerts are not just restricted to LINE messenger; they are also available for other messaging apps.

Viber vs. Line

Users of LINE launcher will enjoy the extra service of app recommendation where this application suggests apps to users, something that is seen as a revenue source for the company. You will also enjoy a revitalized experience over the stock Android one thanks to the many icons, widgets and dock the launcher comes with.

LINE launcher is available via the Google Play Store

All Android users running on versions 4.0.3 and above can enjoy the latest version of LINE launcher. The app is available via the official Google Play Store. Even though there are features on this launcher that you can still find on many other launchers available in this store, the LINE centric customizations that this app comes with are only unique to it.

It is this differentiated experience that makes LINE launcher a must try app for all Android users with supported devices. Those using older versions of Android can expect a compatible version to follow later on.