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With the imminent launch of the iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro, consumers worldwide can expect the prices to go down.

According to an analyst JPMorgan, Apple will stick to its schedule and unveil the iPad Air, iPad Mini and the iPad Pro in the month of October. The rumors surrounding the launch of these brand new generation iPad have been spreading like crazy.

iPad Mini 4 vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Pro

According to earlier presumptions, the iPad Pro, iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 4 roll out will happen on the 9th of September. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are also expected to come out during the 9th.

If we were to listen on the recent back fence talk, Apple will definitely make the iPad Pro device shine in the month of October.

All cues indicate the fact that Apple is planning on manufacturing 1 million iPad Pro units every single month until the end of the year. And because we are talking about Apple here, users should hurry up and place a pre-order as the company might constrain the supply of new products at the launch. While this is happening with the upcoming products, the former ones that are still in stores are marked down.

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Christian Science Monitor claims that the retail price for Apple Air 2 is now $359. And with the imminent launch of its sibling, iPad Air 3, the former device will cost right below $359. And if we were to recall past iPad launches, the upcoming iPad 3 device may just get $40 off in the first 7 days of sale, this is if Apple sticks to it pattern.

Curiously enough there are fewer iPad Mini 3 markdowns found, which might imply that an iPad Mini 4 gizmo may not pertain to the 2015 array. And again if we were to consider past iPad launches, the iPad Mini 3 one will still be retailed for $275 until a new iPad Mini device (preferably the Mini 4) takes over. The latter might also have a 20% discount when it hits the shelves.