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Viber is rolling out new features for tightening its grip on the US market.

This instant messaging app has launched new versions that show the addition of a wide array of features as well as improvement in this app. Unlike WeChat and WhatsApp that rollout update and new features for Android and iOS users from time to time, Viber has introduced its new version for both the platforms that has not only increased its popularity but also enhances the number of its users in the US market.

The new version of Viber comes with an attractive user interface in which you can make video calls as well as send text messages to your contacts. Besides this, you will also see some notable improvements in it such as high-quality voice calls, HD quality video calls that show noticeable improvement from its previous version both for Android and iOS users.

Viber latest version 5.5 for Android and iOS platforms

The latest version of Viber 5.5 is available for free download in Google play store and the Apple app store. Users can download this app on their mobiles for free. Downloading this latest version will not only give you an attractive user interface but also comes across some other features that surely make this app special as not just only a text messaging app.


On the basis of the reports, a user can make more than 200 million video calls in a month through this platform. The makers of this app have improved the video call quality to it so that users can get better calling experience and interact with friends and relatives situated in different parts of the world and therefore, this application is a piece of cake.

Reduce data usage with Viber’s free calling app

You can make free calls at any place of the world with Viber. However, this free calling feature in Viber is not completely free like other apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat. To avail this feature, one must have a trusted internet connection or Wi-Fi as there is no real cash used in making calls.

Viber, in the past, has got popularity for its low data consumption feature. This feature has been developed in the latest version of Viber so that users can get the maximum benefit from it and make free international calls with low data usage. The company announced that Viber consumes only 40 KB per call while running the device on 2G connection. This move is quite similar to WhatsApp as it consumes low data for voice calls.


Viber has realized its considerable growth in developing countries as the number of its users is increasing both in the United States and other developing countries. Therefore, this low data usage feature serves a great purpose. Along with this feature, some other added features have been added to this app that caters to the requirements of users. The company makes a statement that this Viber app consumes only 40 KB per voice calls in 2G connections while it consumes a bit more 244 KB in 3G connections.

Therefore, if you would like to make voice and video calls at low data usage, then nothing can be a better option than this Viber app. It is not just only a text messaging app; it is a voice calling app that allows you to call your friends and family free of cost.

With Viber’s latest version, sharing content and photos among contacts has been made easier. Now users can easily send photos, videos or other contents among friends through this app. The company hopes that these new enhancements will surely help them to tighten their grip on the US market.