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Facebook Messenger is reportedly the second most downloaded app on iOS. Furthermore, it has been recorded on Google Play Store that this application already has more than 1 billion downloads.

With such mind-boggling stats, it is hard not to believe that this app is the most used on the planet. The company revealed that the app has more than 700 million monthly active users, a figure that is expected to be well more than this considering that this announcement was made some four months ago.

Facebook has been very busy with rolling out new updates for the millions who use this app. The app recently made way for developers to bring on board their apps via the Messenger Platform. We have already seen apps such as Giphy come into play, and more are expected to come in as time flies by.

Facebook Messenger Update Allows You To Use Multiple Accounts

Latest Facebook Messenger update now available for Windows Phone

It has grown to be a normal thing for major apps to roll out updates that first come to Android and iOS then later on come to Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms. Facebook has gone against this trend and rolled out a new update for its Windows Phone users.

The new version of Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone brings a bunch of new features to this platform. Users of this platform can now enjoy a new feature that lets them send messages from the app’s background. What this means is that whenever you write a message and send it, you don’t have to wait for the message to be sent to exit the app. The message will still be sent even if the app is in the background.

See when Facebook Messenger messages are delivered and read

WhatsApp introduced the blue ticks feature that lets users see when their messages are delivered as well as when the recipient reads the message. This feature is also coming to Messenger for Windows Phone users, and it is only available on the latest version When you send a message, you will be able to see a “seen” report right below the message. This capability was already on Android and iOS platforms, but it is just coming to this Microsoft platform.

Facebook Messenger SMS

The app has also been improved in a way that users can easily send and receive messages much faster than before.

See when app is connected or still connecting

The latest version of Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone adds something more to this platform. Users will now be able to know whether the app is connected to the Internet or if it is still connecting. In this way, you can know when to send a message or make a call using the app.

Other than these changes, users will also come across improved performances courtesy of error and bug fixes that have been included in this platform. The new version of Messenger can now be downloaded from the official Windows Phone Store free.