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Very recently, WhatsApp has released a new update for Android users.

This update brings a bunch of features to cater to the needs of the users. However, this update has not made it unavailable at the Google play store; you can still download this app from the play Store of your Smartphone.

People who are eager to know the features of the latest update of WhatsApp, for them we are going to mention here five new features of WhatsApp for Android users. Let’s have a look at them:

Text can be marked as unread

With the latest update, Android users will soon be able to mark any text as unread even after reading them. This extraordinary feature of WhatsApp makes it popular among its users. However, if you are thinking that marking this message as unread it will appear on your WhatsApp UI as unread, you are completely wrong because the message will appear as read even after marking them unread.

WhatsApp office

This option can be used in another way such as you can highlight the message to read it later. Moreover, marking a conversation as unread will not change the order of conversation on WhatsApp.

Custom Notification

WhatsApp in its latest update has brought a complete set of custom options that will surely cater to the needs of the users. These features are as follows, if you would like to set a custom ringtone for a particular caller, you can now do so by selecting any song or ringtone from your mobile’s playlist. This helps you to identify the user whenever you get any message or phone call from that particular contact person.

Another interesting custom feature of WhatsApp is that you can set light or color for notification, separate ringtones, pop-up notification and vibration for each contact.

Mute or Block individual contacts

Till now, you can mute only group chat or conversation but with the latest update of WhatsApp, you can now mute individual contacts as well. If you would like to mute any person, just check the mute bar in the menu. Sliding the mute bar to the right, you will see a duration box for how long you want to mute that contact. You can select the time duration for 7 hours, a week or even a year.

Low data consumption on WhatsApp voice calling

If you need to make a lot of WhatsApp calls at low data consumption, then the latest feature of WhatsApp has added a low data usage feature that allows users to make unlimited voice calls at low data consumption. To enable this option, users need to go under calls and chat menu in settings where you will find low data usage option. You need to click on it to enable the option, and you will be able to save data for making voice calls from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp 2.16.13

Integration of Google Drive

Google Drive integration feature has not been announced till now, but it is rumored that it will soon be launched. This upcoming feature indicates that WhatsApp chat will be backed by Google accounts.

If you want to check the feature yourself, go to the account option from settings and you will see that network option menu features two options — one is Google drive backup sent bytes, and another is Google drive backup received bytes. This is a clear sign of the upcoming feature Google Drive integration that will provide backup to your WhatsApp chats, conversations, voice calls, video calls and other contents.

Five new features of WhatsApp have been released for Android users only.