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WhatsApp is one of the most used mobile messaging applications out there. There are over 64 billion messages sent from this awesome application every day.

The application was bought by Facebook and since then we’ve noticed that many new features were added to the application. You can also check how much time you’ve spent sending text messages on WhatsApp by going to Settings->Account and tap on the “Storage Usage”. Here you will see a list of friends and details about how many messages you have sent to each of them.

Snapchat,  WhatsApp

With other words, you can see which one of your friends has been “costing” you a lot of mobile data plan by tapping the “Size” button that’s located on the bottom side of the “Storage Usage” list.

The developers of WhatsApp have released a new update to this application, which allows the users to mark messages as “Unread” and also includes the ability to use the “Google Drive” backup feature to your chat history. Unfortunately, the “Google Drive” feature has been removed temporarily for an unknown reason.

In addition, the users are now able to lower the data consumption of the Voice Calls by using the new “Low Data Usage” feature.

WhatsApp Emoji

Getting back to the “unread” feature, you will be able to see who your real friends are. So, if you have the chat open with a friend of yours and you’ve sent him/her a message and you notice the tick as a confirmation that (s)he has read your message, but soon after that you see the message as “unread”, then you will surely know that your friend doesn’t want you to know that (s)he has read your message.

So, with other words, this friend has some reasons for making that message seen as “unread” and you should ask yourself why (s)he would do that. Is (s)he a real friend or a fake one?