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The Sony Xperia Z5 is the first smartphone in the world to feature a 4K, UHD screen.

This new Xperia Z5 was announced by Sony at the IFA 2015, and it features a 5.5-inch display size with a massive resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, amounting to a ludicrous pixel density of 806ppi.

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a similar screen size, but it is nowhere near the screen resolution that this Sony device is equipped with thanks to its 1080 by 1920 resolution and pixel density of 401 pixels per inch. If you look at from another angle, it is true to say that the latest Xperia Z5 has a similar and even better screen resolution than some of the best and high-priced television sets of today. To be more precise, the highest screen resolution you can find on any TV at the moment is 4K.

Xperia Z5 Premium vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Not so long ago when Sony was rolling out the flagship Xperia Z3, the company revealed that it wasn’t going to include QHD display on this phone just so as to equal the standards of other smartphones in the market. The company was worried that since many common users were not able to tell the differences between this display and a regular Full HD display.

Other specs of Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

The Xperia Z5 premium model not only comes with an enhanced display screen, but users of this device will also be treated to more. There is a rear camera of 23MP on this gizmo, which is a first time upgrade to the usual 20.7MP that has been featuring on some of the latest Xperia flagships. This rear snapper can shoot videos of up to 4K, but there is no word on whether Sony has fixed the overheating issues that affected recording of 4K videos on the Xperia Z3+. On the front of the phone, you will find a 5MP snapper.

The new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium will be installed with a powerful Snapdragon 810 chipset from Qualcomm. This powerful processor will be supported by a RAM of 3GB, and the internal storage memory will remain at 32GB, but unlike the latest Samsung Galaxy flagships, the storage can be improved to 200GB using a microSD card.

There is good news regarding the battery life of the new Sony Xperia Z5. The phone will feature a battery unit of 3430mAh and according to the manufacturer; this power unit will be able to keep the device running for up to two full days. However, as usual, we will take this with a pinch of salt, and it is only after using the phone that we will be able to ascertain the truth in this claim.

Sony Xperia Z5

The Z5 comes with a waterproof feature that lets the phone last 30 minutes in fresh water that is a meter deep. You will also notice some uniqueness in this Xperia Z5 model thanks to its mirrored rear finish that is available in gold, chrome and black.

Are the extra pixels worth breaking banks for Xperia Z5?

There is no doubt that the latest 4K display on Sony Xperia Z5 is a major highlight and impressive as well. However, one question that arises is that are the extra pixels worth it? Well, at the moment, there is no word on the pricing of this phone, but expect it to cost well over $900.

The Xperia Z5 Premium is expected to be released this November, and it will compete with other high-end models such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus.