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On the 13th of August this year, the USA announced that the whole world has used one year’s worth of resources of the Earth.

This announcement makes it very clear how we treat Mother Nature all over the world. Nevertheless, it also goes to show how our consumer habits have gone from bad to worse. The reliance on purchased goods are very high, because we are a consumer society and will be.

All over the world, people love to go out to eat, order products home, but also love to buy new electronic devices even when the old ones we use are still in perfect state. With all of these habits and more, we go on and on to hurt the environment. This also puts a lot of stress on these resources, which we cannot afford to waste. This is why the environmental app makers have developed some of the best apps to help people live a better life to help save the environment.

Yerdle Environmental App

This app may seem like one of the normal Amazon or eBay apps. However, it is unique and differs where its aim is concerned. It is an amazing platform where the users can sell stuff they have sparingly used, and more than 200,000 such transfers have already been made. The more you sell your goods, the more you earn Yerdle dollars, which you can withdraw or use to buy stuff from others as well.


So, this app encourages buying already used stuff than buying new stuff or selling your old stuffs to others.

Home Compositing App

This app has been designed to teach the users how to compost and other benefits composting brings. Composting is a very easy way to get rid of landfill trash. Although it is very popular in some parts of the world, other parts of the world no nothing about it. Apart from the app teaching you how to compost, it also shows you how to reuse the compost at no cost.

Eco-Labels App

It is very clear that food labeling is a complicated and misleading method. When you buy packages that have ‘natural’ written on them might not assure the practices you might be in support of.


If you are willing to pay more for natural foods, just make sure all food terms on these packages are valid.

Bottom Line

Get any of these apps and bring more spice to your life. Also, they will help you to live a better environmentally stable life.