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According to new leaks, the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will come with Intel’s latest Skylake architecture, after some previous leaks suggested that this device is actually going to feature an Intel Broadwell processor. We’re not sure yet what processor the Surface Pro 4 will end up with, but we will most likely find out soon enough.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will feature a 12-inch display which will support a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels. The size and weight are very similar to the Surface Pro 3, however it seems that the Surface Pro 3 is a bit thinner. According to Design&Trend, there will be also another variant of the Surface Pro 4 and it will feature a 14-inch screen which will support the same resolution.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft, Surface

The Surface Pro 4 will have two 5MP cameras, one on the back side and another one on the front side. It will also support Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, but it won’t have NFC. As we’ve told you above, the device will be thinner than the Surface Pro 4, which means that it will most likely weight less than 800 grams.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Release Date

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t have a clear product cycle for the Surface devices, which means that it’s pretty hard to estimate when this device will be released. However, when someone asked Tom Warren, the Senior Editor at The Verge, about the rumors according to which the Surface Pro 4 will be released in October, he replied with a simple “True”.

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book

So, there is a pretty high chance that the Surface Pro 4 will be released in October 2015.


According to rumors, the Surface Pro 4 will have the same price as the Surface Pro 3. This means that when this device will be released, it will cost around 800 dollars, but this is the price for the 12-inch version.

However, in case you will want to purchase the 14-inch version, you will need to pay 100-150 dollars more.

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