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Fitness bands are ideal for an everyday jogger or a weekend one. Due to their broad range of features, these bands will help you keep an eye on your health state.

So, as far as choices, you have the HTC Grip, Fitbit Surge and Microsoft Band. Pluses and minuses are available for all three, so let’s see a more en detail analogy.


  1. The HTC Grip has a rubberized texture and tends to feel a bit rigid once you put it on your wrist. This fitness band comes in 3 different sizes.
  2. The Fitbit Surge is bigger in size and the design will not draw you in as with the HTC Grip one. And because it does not have a strap you can exchange, you will be stuck with this dull fitness band on your wrist.
  3. As for the Microsoft Band it pretty much mirrors the rigid design of the HTC Grip. It has a minimalist design, one that might appeal to some of you.


Display & Navigation

  1. The HTC Grip has an OLED touchscreen which might be a bit tricky for some to handle given the fact there are no actual knobs on it, add some sweaty palms and it can be quite a challenge to maneuver this fitness band.
  2. The Fitbit Surgehas a bigger touchscreen, thus you can see and store more information. There are 2 buttons which will ease your search.
  3. The Microsoft Band comes with a color OLED touchscreen and only 2 knobs. One is for enabling the display while the other one is for enabling the rest of the features of the fitness band.

Top Features


  1. The HTC Grip will estimate all of the calories you’ve burned with your run, will measure the running period as well as the exercise duration. All of this will be done with the GPS system included in the fitness band. You can also use it with the Under Armour Record app. Minuses: there is no heart rate tracker.
  2. The Fitbit Surge comes with a GPS and 8 sensors that are fully capable of tracking your steps, calories, running time, distance and so on. You also have the heart monitor as well as a sleep feature.
  3. The Microsoft Band also has GPS plus the heart rate tracker. With this gizmo, you can download workouts with actual instructions to help you perform better.

As far as battery life span:

  • The HTC Grip lasts 5 hours.
  • The Fitbit Surge lasts 7 days.
  • The Microsoft Band lasts 2 days.

Price wise, the HTC Grip as well as the Microsoft Band retail for $199, whereas the Fitbit Surge is priced at $249.