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According to some new rumors, the “Half-Life 3” game is currently under development. In addition, the Half Life fans should get ready for an official announcement from Valve, because they are probably going to announce this upcoming game by the end of 2015.

This leak comes from an anonymous poster who advertised on the website 4Chan a picture which is related to the “Half Life 3” game. The poster divided the picture into 2500 individual images, which, when pieced together, will reveal the secret that’s related to the “Half Life 3”.

Half-Life 3

The images were also deleted from the thread, which makes us question why the picture was removed so fast. Anyway, the community has completed the puzzle and when they’ve combined all the 2500 images, they were a bit surprised.

This is the image that the community has solved from those 2500 individual images. If you’ve played Half Life 2, then we’re pretty sure that you know that’s a robot named “Dog” in this game. According to some contributors, the image’s texture is unique to the “Source 2 engine” which is used on the “Counter Strike 2” game that was developed by Valve.

We remind you that in the past, Marc Laidlaw, the “Half Life” writer, have vaguely confirmed that the story will continue with a third “Half Life 3” game. With other words, this leak might be confirmed soon by Valve sometime in the Q4 of 2015.

Half Life 3

Unfortunately, Valve didn’t confirm that they are currently working on “Half Life 3” and decided to stay mum regarding the new leak. If we find out some new information about Half Life 3, we will let you know.

Do you think that the Half Life 3 game is currently under development? Are you considering purchasing this game once/if it gets released?