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Sony is an expert when it comes to smartphones, but can it defeat GoPro with its action camera? GoPro is a famous corporation which has been focusing on manufacturing high-definition action cameras for extreme sports/adventures or simply, for traveling and its products, the Hero editions, were sold more than any other rivals. Can Sony beat that?

Sony has another action camera called FDR-X1000V, which shoots 4K videos at 30fps and produces sharper images at a resolution of 1080/120p or 720/240p. The product costs $500, but it doesn’t have the best user interface. Even so, it’s one of Hero 4’s biggest competitors. However, the action camera looks similar to the predecessor, meaning that it has the same round body with a flat bottom. The camera can be placed on a horizontal surface and it can be programmed to take group selfies, so you won’t need to attach it to a tripod.

sony-4k-action-cam (1)

The camera is waterproof, surviving at a depth of 32 feet, but HERO4 can dive down to 131 feet. The Sony Action Cam is bulkier than its rival, but it’s thinner when looking from the front side, it doesn’t require a protective casing, since it’s splash-resistant, and in addition, the audiovisual shooting capabilities are much better.

The camera has lots of menus and submenus, through which you’ll have to navigate when you want to perform simple tasks, such as enabling the WiFi option (there are 12 buttons to press until reaching there). The Hero 4 has a simpler user interface and one less button.

When enabling the WiFi option on the X1000V camera, the battery will drain faster, but you’ll have better control of the device. The videos can be recorded at 100 Mbps, using XAVC S format and the image motion has a better quality. You will need to add a microSDXC card with a UHS-I U3 rating, to store photos and videos on it.

GoPro Hero 4

Sony’s Action Cam has a 16.8MP Exmor R CMOS sensor with 1/2.3″, but it doesn’t perform better than GoPro’s camera in low light conditions. The Hero 4 uses a 12MP sensor.

With Sony’s X1000V camera you can shoot 1080p videos for only 63 minutes, while the Hero 4 supports 1.08 hours of 4K video recording. The Action Cam comes with built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS and you can use an Ustream account to stream videos live.

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