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If you have not heard, well Google Play Store recently booted a Cannabis App out of its store.

Yes, this might seem like news and surprising in a world where almost everything is gaining acceptance. However, the news of this app being booted out has shocked many people to the core and has increased the respect, those who support such a motion have, for Google as a company.

How the App Works

The Loud Cannabis App operates in a simple way. Patients who have had their doctors clear them to use medical cannabis can register to the system and after that log in to the app. The app is HIPAA compliant. When patients log in, they are directly connected to those who grow cannabis and those who deliver the medicinal goods with their very personal drivers. The app has been designed not to permit 3rd party deliveries.


Loud operates in the State of California, where the use of medicinal cannabis is legal. So, this app has been designed to make the delivery of farm to door services of cannabis easy.

So what is the Problem?

After this app was named ‘Best New Marijuana App’ by CannaNews, the app saw a huge rate of downloads. This sudden increase in downloads prompted Google to take a very keen look at the app. This is what led to Loud being pulled out from the store some few days ago. Although Google has not made comments on this issue, Green Exchange has the belief that it has to do with the Play Policy which doesn’t support applications that encourage activities that are illegal.


However, since it is not illegal in California, maybe the app can be brought on to meet the needs of people in California alone. But this doesn’t seem like a guarantee because even in the State of California, the laws relating to this is not cut out. The truth is that, the federal laws of many countries consider the use of marijuana to be illegal. This is what has led to this booting out.

There are so many patients who have used the app already singing the praises of the app and also showing how sad they feel about this removal of the app. Other human rights activists also see this to be a very great move on the part of Google to make it difficult for marijuana use to become normal for their children. This doesn’t mean Google will make it available any time soon or ever. There is, however, chances Loud might win. Let’s wait and see how it plays out.