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Android 6.0 M was unveiled sometime back by Google at the 2015 I/O Conference. Just like the naming of the previous versions of the Android operating system, the latest version M stands for Marshmallow.

This operating system is expected to come in with newer Android devices, including the LG Google Nexus 5 gizmo, there is also news that this operating system will be available for a bunch of other older smartphones. Among the phones that will be updated with the latest Android M are the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, HTC flagships, Sony Xperia models as well as LG smartphones. This is expected to happen before the end of this year.

Key features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

When Android 5.0 Lollipop was announced towards the end of last year, it received so much hype with regards to its new features and improved functionality. In fact, the capabilities that this OS came in with when compared to the previous Android versions led to it being labeled as the best Android OS so far. However, there comes even more and better features with the latest Android 6.0 M.

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Once your current-gen smartphone is updated with the latest Android 6.0 M, you will be able to access a number of new features and services, among them Android Pay and Google Now on Tap. Here is a detailed list of the newly installed features of Google’s newest operating system.

Android Pay

Android Pay is Google’s version of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This service lets users pay for services or goods they get from a shop without including their actual debit or credit card number. Rather, this service assigns each card a virtual number that is then presented in the account information when making a transaction. This is why Android Pay is considered a very safe means of making mobile payments.

Google Now on Tap

While many Android users were just beginning to enjoy using Google Now, the company has decided to come in with some major tweaks that will make this digital assistant even more effective than before. This benefit comes with updating to the latest Android 6.0 M where Google Now will now be able to support “On Tap” input. Just hold the virtual home button and you will be able to access more information.

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Google Now will collate data and offer the user a multitude of references based on the query presented.

Fingerprint scanner

The latest Android M adds more to the security that Android L brought in for Android users. There is now a new fingerprint scanner that allows for biometric access to your smartphone as well as Android Pay. You will be sure of safety with your money as no one other than you can authorize a transaction.

The Doze feature

This new feature is making its way into Android devices. The feature comes in to address the never-ending battery life issues with not just Android smartphones, but all smartphone models. However, the Doze feature is only meant for those using Android devices installed with the latest Marshmallow OS.

When Doze is enabled, your battery life will be enhanced when the device is left unattended. All the background tasks initiated by the OS will be limited automatically and in the end, you will have an almost double battery life. Everything will, however, spring back to life immediately your gizmo detects any actions.