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WhatsApp is an application that became popular quite fast and this is because of the awesome performance and the features that come with it. Back in 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for 22 billion dollars and many thought that Mark Zuckerberg was a bit crazy for doing this.

Well, soon after his company bought the WhatsApp application, we’ve noticed many new features. Unfortunately, most of the new features were not well received by the users and this is why many decided to either leave the application for good or use a modified WhatsApp application.

whatsapp-desktop (1)

However, soon enough, the developers of WhatsApp realized what they’ve done wrong and fixed many things that bothered the users: the blue ticks can be disabled, the online status can be hidden etc.

In addition, the application received the Voice Calling feature, which not many thought it will be available on WhatsApp in such a short time. Soon after the release of WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature, a lot of rumors have surfaced, saying that the Video Calling feature is going to be added to the application in a near future.

However, this rumor was not confirmed by the developers, so we’re not sure if this will happen and if it will happen, we think that it will pass quite some time.

However, getting back to the new WhatsApp BETA version that just got released, we can say that there are no new features that we’ve spotted inside it. It seems that the Google Drive option is still under development, which means that this new version comes with some bug fixes and stability improvements.

WhatsApp Web Client

WhatsApp 2.12.271: How To Install The New WhatsApp Version On Your Android Device

The WhatsApp 2.12.271 is currently in BETA and this means that it can’t be downloaded/installed from the Google Play Store. On the Google Play Store you will find only the latest STABLE version of WhatsApp. This means that you will need to manually download and install the WhatsApp 2.12.271 APK on your Android device.

HINT: Enable the “Unknown Sources” option or else you will *NOT* be able to install any APK that has been downloaded from a third party source! This option is found in either Settings->Applications or Settings->Security. Also, make sure to make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations, then uninstall the current WhatsApp application that you have installed on your smartphone.

Now that you have the “Unknown Sources” option, you will need to open the browser that you use on your Android device and head to the official WhatsApp website. So, open the browser and head to the webpage. Here you will see a big “Download Now” button and by tapping on it, you will start downloading the WhatsApp 2.12.271 APK file on your Android device.

Finally, go to the location where you’ve saved the APK file and tap on it to start the installation of the WhatsApp 2.12.272 on your smartphone!