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Sony has revealed the details of the latest PlayStation 4 update 3.0. This update will be available to all those who sign up for the beta testing program for PS4.

However, the company is expected to make a wider roll out in the coming weeks.

Of all the major updates, the most notable one is the addition of more online storage space up from 1GB to a massive 10GB. However, this will only work if you are a PS Plus subscriber. Furthermore, users of the latest PS4 3.0 firmware will be able to enjoy live YouTube streaming via the YouTube Live functionality. Game players will be able to stream their games live to YouTube, an addition that is thought this Google-owned video streaming app added to compete with Twitch. There is also a new “Events” hub meant for players to keep an eye on any upcoming events regarding their games.

PS4 Firmware 3.50

A “Communities” hub is meant for gamers to connect with other gamers who share the same tastes as them. There is even more to the social gaming aspect of the latest update of PS4 as users can now record videos and share them with friends on Twitter as well as send requests to friends to join in watching their live gameplay on YouTube.

Other Sony PS4 updates in the latest firmware 3.0

Apart from the new ability to stream live videos on YouTube, increased online storage, communities and events features, there is also more to this new firmware 3.0 of Sony’s PS4. They include:

Favorite groups

The Friends app gets a new buddy in the shape of Favorite Groups. This feature will let users quickly access the groups of people they like to game with regularly. In this way, it will take a shorter time to get a game session up and running.

Trim videos before sharing

As noted earlier, the latest Sony PS4 update comes in with the ability to share recorded gameplay videos on Twitter. These videos must, however, be no more than 10 seconds in duration. However, the best part of it all is that you can easily trim longer video clips into a shorter version before sharing it on Twitter.

Request to watch game action

Do you want learn from someone’s gaming prowess or are you just interested in watching your friends’ gameplay sessions? Well, the latest update of PlayStation 4 brings a “Request to Watch” option. A notification will be sent to the player and immediately a live YouTube broadcast will start. A Share Play invitation may also be sent to the gamer.

Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U


Stickers are doing wonders in the instant messaging world. In fact, apps like LINE and WeChat are famous for the huge sales they make from selling stickers. PlayStation 4 users are not left behind with these trending characters as they can use stickers to send messages to friends instead of typing.

Know what your friends are up to with Now Playing

There is a new Now Playing screen added to the latest PlayStation 4 update 3.0. This screen will give you more information about what your gaming friends are up to and in so doing, joining the party will be very easy. You can request a screen share or even be directed to the PS Store where you can buy the game currently that is being played by your buddies. This makes the social life with your online friends even much better.

Enhanced Live from PlayStation

The latest firmware update for PS4 brings improvements to the Live from PlayStation app where it is now much easier to view popular and trending broadcasts in real-time.