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WhatsApp keeps adding more and better features to this popular messaging platform.

From an application that was purely meant for phone-based messaging services alone, this Facebook-owned instant messenger now operates on more than one platform.

WhatsApp can be used by all major mobile operating systems among them iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile as well as Symbian. Furthermore, this messaging app introduced support for PCs and tablets via a web application known as WhatsApp Web. During its initial stages, WhatsApp Web was only compatible with a number of mobile operating system, but the iOS users were left out.

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At the time, WhatsApp cited “Apple platform limitations” as the major cause of this omission. However, this recently took a twist as iPhone users were finally added to the platform where they can now make use of WhatsApp Web on their PCs without the need of jailbreaking their phones.

WhatsApp added a voice calling feature somewhere in March this year; however, it was only available for Android users. With time, the feature has been coming to other platforms among them iOS, BlackBerry and just recently, Windows Phone. There is no word on when this feature will be availed for users of Symbian OS.

WhatsApp’s latest feature lets you know who your real friends are

WhatsApp connects more than 800 million people on a monthly basis. A recent report revealed that this messenger transmits more than 64 billion messages in a single day. This clearly shows how popular this app is around the world.

Just recently, it seems WhatsApp has crept in a new and amazing feature that lets the millions who use this app tell who their real friends are. All this takes place within the app and with this feature; users can easily rank their friends.

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The feature takes into consideration the amount of time spent chatting with each of your friends and gives you a ranking based on this result. To access it, just head to the settings of the app and check out the “Account” option. When done, tap on “Storage usage” and a list of friends will pop up with details of the number of messages you’ve exchanged with your friends.

New WhatsApp feature tells you which contact spent most of your data

Other than telling you who your real friends are, the latest WhatsApp addition also lets users easily know who of their friends took up the most data pack during messaging. To see this, just tap on “Size” option located at the lower end of the “Storage usage” list.

WhatsApp developers seem to be stepping up their game in the wake of many other competing apps, among them Viber, WeChat and Skype. In the past few weeks, the app has also added the ability to mark messages as read or unread as well as a setting that lets users lower the amount of data used during WhatsApp calls.

There have been ongoing tests on Google Drive backup for WhatsApp messages, but this feature is only available in the latest beta versions, with no news of its official release date available.