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Now you are allowed to sign up for Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account.

You don’t need to open an account in Facebook, a social media platform to get access to its popular instant messaging platform. In fact, it does not require your email address to log into the account. You will be asked to give only your first name, last name, mobile number and a photo (optional) to get started. With this recent update on Facebook, more and more people are enjoying the features available on Facebook messengers such as voice calling, video chatting, photo sharing and many more.

At present, messenger has nearly about 600 million users across the globe and it is hoped that the launch of this feature will bring in new users who take them away from the Facebook experience or completely abandoned it. However, the company made a statement that users can get some significant benefits by signing up both. These benefits are— people can send messages to their Facebook friends via this messenger platform, they can take the advantage of messaging on multi-device platforms such as mobile, desktop and tablet.

Facebook Messenger Update Allows You To Use Multiple Accounts

However, people having no Facebook account can easily update their phone contact list, find friends and family members to chat with. In US, Peru and Canada, users must have Facebook account to enable messenger.

With this update of Facebook, more and more people can enjoy the features on messenger without opening an account in Facebook. They can share photos, make voice and video calls, group chats and send stickers and emojis to express their feelings in an innovative way. Here, all you need is a phone number and nothing else. Let’s show you how it works:

  • While opening the messenger option, you will see an option saying not on Facebook. You need to click on it to install this app on your device.
  • Once the installation is done, you need to sign up for your phone number, name and a photo (optional).

This new note on Facebook option in the messenger let users sign up for it without having a Facebook account. However, people can use the search function on Facebook to find people and chat with them without entering their number. This new feature will serve as an address book, and, therefore, you can search for everyone on Messenger. Once you have the address book on your device, you can easily search for your friends on this messaging app.

What’s coming next for the messenger?

Facebook has been continuously giving their efforts towards developing some new features for Messenger. These functionalities may include location sharing, friend to friend payment, VoIP calling, sending sound clips, playing games and many more. It is assumed that the next big update of Messenger will be rolling out for business enterprises where entrepreneurs can get immense benefit from this app. Messenger does a good job in describing its features and reminding people about when they can use the features.

Facebook Messenger

Therefore, it can be said that making this app available for non-Facebook users is a bold and humble step taken by the company. It shows that Facebook wants that every user and non-user get the features of the messenger, and they can send free messages and calls to friends without opening accounts on the Facebook social media platform.

By bringing non-users on Messenger, Facebook users do not need pay for sending them SMS or calling them. This shows they can make the most out of it. It has enhanced the popularity of Facebook among its users, and more people can sign up to Messenger to take the privileges. Again, this move from the company raises the competition level among other instant messaging apps as well.