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Apparently, big things are happening as Facebook revealed the video call element for Messenger. This is major news for Facebook Messenger users, but what does this mean for the likes of Hangouts, Skype and others?

The calling feature unveiled by Facebook and implement in Messenger is pretty straightforward as you only need to click on the video symbol you see at the right corner of your chat window. iOS and Android devices already have this update as well as countries like the UK, US and Canada.

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Back In 2011, Facebook sealed the deal with Skype to release a desktop video calling element but something happened and in the end the companies went on separate paths. Facebook’s next move was to make users downloaded Messenger in order for them to send chats straight from their devices.

This was back in 2014. And now, with this new video calling element up and running, Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime are seriously being threatened. And because Facebook has a tremendous user-base (1.44 billion users on Facebook and 600 million users on Messenger), the latter apps do have something to fear.

Needless to say that Facebook hasn’t applied any charges for the video calls, but you will be charged for data usage if you aren’t using a Wi-Fi network.

Google Duo vs. Apple FaceTime

Although Google Hangouts and FaceTime have amazing quality, FaceTime for instance is restricted to iOS gizmos. Hangouts on the other hand is great to use for group video meetups. Skype isn’t bad either, however it does have a big minus in the quality area and the fact that the group video calling isn’t what it should be.

Facebook Messenger also has to strive harder to improve the group calling functionality if it wishes to top its opponents. Facebook also has plans of creating a platform strictly for business, dubbed Facebook at Work, however there is still more work to be done.