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There are plenty of companies out there offering their best free antivirus software for those who cannot afford to pay a buck load of money for premium services. Avira and AVG are two such free antivirus editions, but how do they stack up against one another? Down below, you will find out how.

Avira vs AVG: Interface

Both Avira and AVG offer a well-built UI that mirrors many high-end security editions. Users have basic and easy controls at hand, however there are more advanced hidden option. AVG comes with several elements that can be easily tackled with straight from the taskbar. For instance, users can deactivate the antivirus program for a couple of hours or days.

Avira’s UI on the other hand has just been updated in 2014 and it still feels a bit outdated to some. Even so, the UI is every easy to handle. But, sadly Avira falls a bit behind in this category giving the crown to AGV.

Avira vs AVG: Protection

Avira cannot identify those nasty and of course unwanted internet threats. Based on a test, AVG can track down 10% more of those vulnerabilities than Avira can. The ace up Avira’s sleeve is SocialShield, something that AVG lacks. This is the perfect social network protection that is currently being offered by costly antivirus services as well. If you choose Avira you get this extra tool for free.


But even though Avira is packed with more extra protection tools, AVG is a lot more efficient in detecting threats. So, AVG wins again!

Avira vs AVG: Performance

It’s no secret that a lot of high-end security programs are very hard on one’s PC, performance wise of course. This is because those types of antivirus suites are packed with a lot more features and those are the ones that slow down your computer. But with Avira and AVG this is not the case. They function on a stub installer, thus they can be set-up with ease. We want to remind you that Avira tends to be a bit hostile, so if there is another security suite on your PC, the latter will detect it and try to oust it. AVG on the other hand is no where near as hostile.

Avira vs AVG: Features

Features are not missing from these suites just because you don’t penny a penny for them. Have a look at them below because they will help you decide which out of these two antivirus editions will be your final pick:

Avira vs. AVG 2

  1. AVG includes:

PrivacyFix is a great tool to use on your computer, but it works just as well on Android or iOS mobile platform. With it you can immediate spot the privacy settings that are not accurate on social media websites. The latter will also give you the best advice on how to make these vulnerabilities go away.

File Shredder is the ultimate file shredder. This way no one can get their hands on your private documents stored on your PC’s hard drive.

Mobile Antivirus is now up for grabs for Android and iOS. This feature as you can probably tell by the name safeguards your mobile information. If this doesn’t win your over, nothing else will. With Mobile AVG feature you can also keep an eye on your camera as well as your SIM card and keep them out of harm’s way.

  1. Avira includes:

Do Not Track Plus– this can be found in the Avira toolbar. Besides the anonymity factor, users have the blocking element which of course can be personalized.

Experts Market – a support forum where all Avira users can give advice and offer their support to other Avira devotees. Such tech support is rare when it comes to security suites, so this is definitely a big plus if you opt for Avira.