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We could definitely say that Apple has seen better days. Even though there are some pretty strong devices on the market (iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini), is not an easy time for Apple if we were to judge by the decline in sales. And if this wasn’t bad enough, Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Tab S2 which is a runner up to the Galaxy Tab S ( the 2014 version).

So, Apple is definitely in a jam! This article will set side by side the Galaxy Tab S2’s specs vs. the iPad Air 2’s specs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs iPad Air 2  Display & Design, OS and more

The Galaxy Tab S2 has the following measurements 169x237x5.6mm and weighs 389g compared to the iPad Air 2 that weighs 437g and measures  170x240x6.1mm. The iPad Air 2 sports a thin and lightweight chassis while the Galaxy Tab S2 has a superb new metal case to show off. Under the hood the Galaxy Tab S2 is fired up by an Exynos 4533 octa-core (clocked at 4×1.9GHz/4×1.3GHz) processor and coupled with  3GB RAM whereas the iPad Air 2 has a 1.5GHz triple-core A8X coupled with only 2GB RAM.

iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2

As far as display, the Galaxy Tab S2 has a 9.7in Super AMOLED display at 2048×1536 resolution whilst the iPad Air 2 has a 9.7in Retina display at 2048×1536 resolution. Both of these devices have identical ppi, 264 which means the devices will look stunning and sharp as far as the display is concerned.

Given the fact that the previous Galaxy Tab S device had an amazing Super AMOLED screen, we’re betting this new one, the Galaxy Tab S2 will maintain the same high standards. A big plus for the iPad Air 2’s display is the fact that it has an anti-reflecting type of coating on it. As far as OS goes, the Galaxy Tab S2 runs Android 5.0 Lollipop while iPad Air 2 runs on iOS 8.4.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. iPad Air 2: Security Features

Whichever tablet you do decide to purchase, you can be sure that the security is tight due to the fingerprint sensor functionality. This is the ultimate authentication method out there, extremely handy for business and in case the device is being shared among users.

Samsung will make sure that the Galaxy Tab S2 has anti-malware apps which will be set-up straight out of the box and Apple claims that the iPad Air 2 device offers support for Secure Enclave- due to the integrated processor, the device will immediately shut down key information if it feels that the kernel is in any way being threatened.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. iPad Air 2: Battery & Storage Options

Galaxy Tab S2 has a 5,870mAh while the iPad Air 2 houses a 27.3-watt-hour lithium polymer type of battery, the latter corresponds to a 7,340mAh one. Given the fact that the screens are identical, The Galaxy Tab S2’s smaller battery might give in first.

Storage options:

Galaxy Tab S2: 

  • 32GB
  • 64GB , expandable up to 128 GB.

iPad Air 2: 

  • 16GB
  • 64GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs, iPad Air 2: Camera Units

The Galaxy Tab S2 device has a 8MP back end camera and a 2.1MP front-facing snapper while the iPad Air 2 has the same 8MP back end camera and only a 1.2MP front-facing snapper instead. The big plus is that the Galaxy Tab S2 also has 2K video while Apple’s device has 1080p.

However, Apple does come with a bunch of features for the camera such as face detection, autofocus as well as panorama mode.