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Recently, the CEO of Kakao Talk, Daum Kakao has launched a video calling feature in this instant messaging app that allows users to talk with their friends and relatives via kakao. This n

ew feature gives an advantage to its users to talk face to face with family members and friends, irrespective of what mobile platform they use. This effective messaging platform has got worldwide popularity and acceptance. To enable this feature, users just need a trusted internet connection. Using Wi-Fi enjoy long and lengthy talks with family, friends and colleagues without paying a huge monthly bill.

How to start video calling over Kakao Talk?

To start video calling over Kakao Talk, users need to open the friend’s profile where you will get the option of a free call button. You need to click on that option and you will get to see Video call menu in the chat room. You need to click on the plus sign and can start video chatting with friends and family members. In this video feature, you will get chat back-up and restore options allowing you to store or back up the previous conversation even on the reinstallation of the application.


Android users can discover that backup menu in the Kakao Lab settings. Along with it, the text chatting can also be saved separately on mobile device. Similarly, Apple or iPhone users can find this backup feature in the app settings and the chat logs will be saved in iCloud.

However, there is an exception of this feature. It does not work perfectly in every reinstallation. It can only work if the app is reinstalled on the same phone number. Moreover, the restore information should be retrieved in Android, iOS and iPhones within three days. This measure has been implemented for protecting the privacy of the users.

Another feature called Kakao TV has been very recently introduced by Kakao Talk. It is a social media video service at Kakao Talk platform for the benefit of the users in Korea. This Kakao TV is a new type of video service allowing users to view and share content in the Kakao Talk chat room while continuing chatting with friends. This KakaoTV provides personalized or individual content that only a Kakao user can read. The rise of KakaoTv indicates the start of many new exciting and innovative features including the popular app Kakao Talk. The Kakao movie enables users to conduct conversation directly from the Kakao Chat room.

Derick Park, the Project lead manager of Kakao

Talk said that the inclusion of this video calling service aims at enhancing the intimacy among your relatives and friends and thereby establishing a vivid and healthy connection. They also confirmed that they will continue their struggle of discovering new features for their users that can successfully cater to their requirements. The features of Kakao Talk will surely improve the communication experience of the users.


While talking over video chat in Kakao Talk, users can see oneself as well as the third party with whom they are talking can be seen on the screen. This extensive feature has got worldwide popularity within a short period. This video call feature offers four types of filter calling that surely improve the experience of the users.


However, the features of Kakao Talk will only be available for the users in Korea now. They are constantly attempting and struggling to implement and popularize these features throughout the world so that a fast and convenient video and text messaging can be established for its users. Moreover, KakaoTV also aims at establishing a new hub where users can find new connections and content easily.

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