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Talkatone is said to be one of the most ideal option of replacing the native process of making phone calls and text messages to free instant messaging and calls without spending money on each message or calling.

Like Talkatone, Facebook, Viber and Skype have also got popularity throughout the world. These apps can be downloaded free from Google Play Store. Once the installation is done, you can start messaging and calling over phone using data connection or Wi-Fi.

Talkatone sounds really good like Google voice user. It offers a great way for making free call and messaging options to its users. Users with this app can now contact with their friends and relatives situated in any part of the world. The popularity of Talkatone has increased by leaps and bounds.


People across the world are now using this app and they are giving positive reviews on the features of Talkatone. To enable the features of this app, users only need trusted internet connection and Wi-Fi and they will be able to make video calls, voice calls, share photos, contents, and much more.

Unlike Google voice calling, Talkatone uses Google voice number and allows users to make phone and video calls by using this platform. This feature of Talkatone is available for Android users for the time being. However, the makers of it are constantly giving their best effort to implement this app for Windows, iOS and iPhone users respectively. This popular messaging app Talkatone works mainly as a middle man by leveraging the free calling service of Google Chat and Gmail. Users will feel that they are making voice calls from Gmail on computer.

This instant messaging service has been made legal across the globe. In fact, it is the best way to make phone and video calls for free while you require only a trusted internet connection. Google voice calling allows you to make calls but it uses your cell minutes. However, Talkatone does not require to use cell minutes and one can make free video and voice calls using Wi-Fi and internet.

How to make free voice calls with Talkatone?

Talkatone, the popular instant messaging app is available in Google play store and Apple app store. To download this app, one needs to go to its play store. This app is more mature and works similarly in all platforms. The app is available in two versions— one is free and another is premium. The free version is advertisement supported while the other one removes such promotions and offers high quality calls along with other attractive features. However, the free version also works fine and the users are very happy with it.


An interesting feature of Talkatone is that you can add your Facebook account with it and therefore, you can call your friends on Facebook. You will also get a Google account through which you can take the advantage of calling your friends for free from Gmail account.

Text message and incoming calls

If you are in the United States, you can avail voice and video calling feature of Talkatone. This app has come up with some exciting features that allow you to use Google Voice account to make video and voice calling using Wi-Fi and internet connection. You will get proper instruction under the help menu and you will learn the steps promptly.

If you are staying in the United States, you can still receive calls from Talkatone. You just need to log into your Google Voice account and enable Google Chat option. However, you must be signed out from Gmail chat to continue conversation over Talkatone.