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The social media and marketing experts have proclaimed that Google Plus and Google Hangouts through its newest video chat option are bringing users to a new frontier.

Experts say, Facebook is a social media platform for personal interaction only, while Google Hangouts offers options of two kinds. First, it serves as the media for businesses and second, it is used for interacting with friends as well.

Just like LinkedIn and Facebook, Google Hangouts plays roles similar to both the platforms and when used correctly, it benefits you in almost all ways. In today’s age, social media is playing an important role in changing the mode of business such as how products are marketed or how entrepreneurs communicate directly with their customers.


This not only brings a wave in the market, but it also creates a revolution that will stay longer. Marketing gurus have understood that, following an old format or the methods of marketing will not serve the client’s interests in the present day. The marketing techniques have changed and it is not the same as it is used to be. For example, newspaper, a popular source of advertising has been losing its importance in recent days as customers are more interested towards video advertising. While you have a strong message to send, you can add a personal touch to it to connect with your customers in the market.

Of late, communication is playing an important role in almost all phases of life and Google Hangouts has surely improved the way of communication by adding social media feature to it that allows you to add a personal touch. Clients can see your business more closely and get an insight of what happens behind the scenes. If a customer comes to know every detail about you and like, he or she will eventually trust you. This is a basic marketing concept and this concept has been implemented in the form of Google Hangout.


Those days have gone when customers and entrepreneurs cannot communicate with each other. In the present day, people give emphasis on face to face communication and therefore, it offers an opportunity to business owners to keep in touch with their customers and let them know about your services and products more than just selling a product.

What is Google Hangouts? What are its functions?

Google has introduced many new platforms that enable users to connect with friends over it. They have developed Google + with several other applications that enhance the overall experience of users. One of those applications or step is Google Hangouts, a platform where users can do text messaging, video calling and much more. Users can even create a group to establish connection with people situated in different parts of the world. It is a webinar or video conference rolled into one.


Why business owners should use Google Hangouts?

The real excitement of using Google Hangouts starts when you use this platform on air, which allows you to record your videos, calls and chats while interacting with others and the general people, can see them through YouTube. Photos can easily be shared through this platform and users can now better express their emotions by using colorful emojis, an innovative way of expressing ideas and views.

The best thing about Hangout is that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This app is free and one can download it from Google play store. If you would like to webinar, this is a cost-effective way to do so. In these days, videos are getting extremely popular as it is a cost effective way of advertising both for small and large business owners. Therefore, they must use this app to establish their presence and brand in the online market without spending too much.