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Images of the overall design regarding the upcoming Blackberry Venice have been dispersed all over the internet. So, according to the images posted on Tinhte, this upcoming device will definitely be a slider type of handset.

According to various innuendoes, the BlackBerry Venice will roll out with a touch screen as well as the QWERTY keyboard. If you have a look at the images that were posted on Tinhte, you will see the fancy slider keyboard right under the display of the device.


The images that stirred up these waves also reveal the home screen along with a bunch of applications. The latter are Chrome app, Calendar app, Contacts and Emails app, WhatsApp and Google Play Store as well.

The same displayed pictures reveal both SIM and microsSD slots. Also on the right side of the device’s panel, you should spot the volume knobs.

Moreover, all evidence points to the fact that the BlackBerry Venice device has an 18 MP back end camera unit including the OIS feature and the dual-LED flash. If you look closely at the bottom part of the front panel you will see a speaker trellis.

PhoneArena also got a hold of some of these leaked images courtesy to a blabbermouth that decided to expose some of the device’s features. So based on the images, PhoneArena believes the BlackBerry Venice gizmo will roll out with 1440×2560 pixels display and 3GB of RAM.

Apple iPhone 6S vs. BlackBerry Venice

The same source claims that the BlackBerry Venice will house a QHD 5.4-inch display and will be powered up by a 1.8GHz hexa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 808 SoC processor.

November is apparently BlackBerry Venice’s due date. So, expect all major carries, we are referring here to Verizon, Sprint, AT& T and of course T-Mobile to come out with this device.