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The latest version of the iPhone is set to arrive in the next week or so and expectations are already hitting the skies.

This version will replace the iPhone 6, which has been one of the most successful in the brand’s history. This was largely down to the large display compared to previous versions of iPhones, but Apple is expected to make some significant revisions in other departments too for the upcoming generation.


The iPhone 6s is set to receive a major update in terms of camera if rumors are to be believed. The iPhone range has not seen an update to the eight megapixel camera since it was introduced in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. The lack of any disadvantages with this camera – up until now – has been a major reason behind Apple sticking with the philosophy of ‘not fixing when it is not broke’.

iPhone 6S

However, the latest trend with the smartphone segment has seen one of the weaknesses exposed within the iPhone range.

Camera Features

Even though the camera is capable of extremely good quality pictures, it severely lacks behind rivals like the Sony Xperia Z3+ and the Galaxy S6 in terms of features like 4K video recording. Now that the popularity of 4K continues to grow immensely, the ability to record videos at this very high resolution is no longer considered as a luxury.

It is seen as a necessity, but the iPhone 6 was largely able to do away with it since most of the attention was focused on the screen. For the upcoming generation, though, it is very different since users will want more than just a large display.

Front Camera

Speculation is intense that Apple will provide a 12 megapixel camera in the iPhone for the first time with the iPhone 6s. Apart from the substantial increase in megapixel count, this camera is likely to feature 4K video recording for the first time. The front camera is also likely to receive a bump up to the five megapixel shooter.

iphone-6s-commercial (1)

The present 1.2 megapixel camera may appear extremely paltry on paper, but it provides excellent front facing shots. One can expect this aspect to improve tremendously due to the five megapixel sensor. Apple has always been excellent at its camera algorithms and they are likely to go well with the improved resolution.

Device Thickness

The iPhone has been becoming extremely thin with every generation and there might be a change in this aspect. The iPhone 6 came in for criticism due to the protruding camera element, which made of the phone stable on its back.

There is a possibility that this could change with the increase in thickness attribute into an improved battery. Apple may decide otherwise in favor of fast charging option, which is becoming a standard feature in most high-end smartphones. The Next Generation iPhone will be unveiled in the second week of September and should hit the stores shortly afterwards. Prices are expected to be slightly higher than the iPhone 6.