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This week, Google drove YouTube into an arena that is largely dominated by Amazon’s Twitch by launching a service that is aimed at the trending video gaming as a sport for spectators and fans.

YouTube Gaming was rolled out to the public and it forms another online avenue where video gamers can find all they need as far as commentary, on-demand snippets as well as live play, among others, are concerned.

This application was first talked about during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that was held back in June and since then, it has been doing the rounds, but only as a beta app. Thousands of fans have helped Google a lot in testing this new addition to YouTube and now that it is available, it is time to know what this YouTube Gaming really is.

YouTube Gaming 1.3, YouTube Dedicated Live Tab, YouTube Improvements

YouTube Gaming is a blend of gaming videos and live streaming

What YouTube Gaming brings to the entertainment fold, for the game lovers, is a blend of gaming videos and live streaming.

In this way, the millions who love to play games will now be able to come closer to the game, other gamers as well as a gaming culture that really matters to them. There is even a dedicated English language website that the company has rolled out just to take care of the needs of the users in English-speaking nations, among them the U.S. and the UK.

The YouTube Gaming website will be accessible to the users of Android and iOS devices and in the coming near future, more countries will be added to the platform, a statement by Google read. This will be a destination where you will be able to get all your gaming content that is very important to you.

Mammoth online user base

One undeniable fact is that lots of gaming related videos are watched monthly via YouTube, be it how-to clips that detail out information on how to play games and handle certain challenges or even commentary of these games. This online arena incorporates the search analytics of Google search to come out with fresh content or just the content that you can’t miss out on.

Amazon bought Twitch for a company record fee of $970 million. This application is responsible for streaming games that are being played such that non-playing viewers can also get a chance to watch.


In addition, Twitch Interactive is very good at hosting gaming events. Not only can the non-playing viewers watch the gaming action, they can also chat with other players and other viewers as well, which makes it more of a social networking platform. The app sells ads as a way of revenue generation.

YouTube Gaming has been launched to take on this application that already attracts more than 30,000 viewers as compared to the 11, 000 that YouTube manages, with a majority of them just eager to test the new feature.