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Just recently Microsoft announced that it was slashing its personnel in the mobile division, something that was largely associated with the declining sales this division is experiencing.

Despite the reduction in the employees working under the Microsoft Lumia brand, there is still more good news for the lovers of these devices. The company made it public that it will be rolling out new flagships and we are happy to reveal that we have come across some leaked images of how these smartphones will look like and the features that might be incorporated in them.

Microsoft continues with its undistinguishable designs

Microsoft took over Nokia Mobile division in a bid to revive this dwindling mobile giant, but it seems this PC giant will be facing some tough tasks ahead. Lumia devices have not been embraced by many, perhaps due to their lack of support as far as apps and services are concerned. Not many apps that are available on Android can be found on Windows Phone and hence the compatibility aspect that the company is introducing in Windows 10 where developers of Android can reuse their code to come up with Windows 10 apps.

Microsoft Lumia 950

It is often very hard to tell apart a Lumia smartphone that costs $120 and another that costs $600. The leaked images are no different from what we already know as the two purported smartphones – Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL are very similar in looks. If Microsoft is looking to gain an edge over the best smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and HTC, the company will have to do a lot more.

The design of the upcoming Lumia phones is similar to most of the Microsoft flagships we have seen in the past and there is really nothing new to drive the users crazy about these phones. You will come across the typical wide bottom, side and top bezels and a colorful plastic body in addition to support for external SD card. The standard block design continues on these new Lumia 950 and 950XL whereas the corners are slightly rounded and the speaker is facing the rear.

Specifications of Lumia 950 and 950XL are similar to what most Android devices have

Microsoft has somehow failed to deliver when it comes to the design of the Lumia smartphones. In fact, the latest additions come in with similar specifications as what most Android phones have to offer, which means that there is really nothing to pull the users to these flagships.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple

However, there are still some unique features that have been added to the platform; for instance, the infrared eye scanner and USB Type-C. Despite their uniqueness, there are not many people who will simply buy a Lumia 950Xl just because it can scan his/her eye using infrared.

Other than the named features, there is really nothing much on show with the latest Lumia smartphones. However, one thing to keep the users wanting them is the fact that they will be coming with Windows 10 Mobile out of the box, an operating system that many have eagerly been waiting for.