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The newest Apple OS will roll out with state-of-the-art features. These features will target the battery duration as well as the performances. But the question on everybody’s lips is when will this happen? Keep on scrolling down to find out more about the upcoming iOS 9 release.

Rumor has it that this big launch will go down at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, in San Francisco. Two brand new iPhone devices are also expected to roll out at the above mentioned event. This is not something new when it comes to Apple’s release stratagems. The company usually unveils a new OS alongside side two new phones, these being iPhone 6s and 6c. The invites have already been scattered for the launching of the latter phones. So if you want to be there, book the 9th of September in your agenda.

iPhone 6, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0

A public beta is already out and about and developers can closely examine and test the iOS 9. The upcoming iOS 9 will also roll out with amazing features, so check them out below:

iOS 9 and its brand new features

If in the past users have been complaining about the free space that was needed when they switched from one outdated version to a new one, but iOS 9 will fix this. Now, you will only need 1.3 GB of free space in comparison with the 4.6 GB that was previously needed to update to iOS 8.

Siri has been revived

Siri is the coolest and newest update concerning iOS 9. Now, the latter feature will container fewer word errors and users also have the universal search screen at their disposal. The Notes functionality as well as the Maps have also been updated.

A new addition is the News application- an app that will extract the online sources based on your reading favorites/preferences. Individuals residing in Australia, US and UK will be the first ones to enjoy Apple News feature.

Split-screen for iPad & Battery Life Upgrades

For iPad, iOS 9 will roll out with the enhanced keyboard multitasking features. The Slide Over element (swipe your finger in from the side of the iPad screen) will permit you to see a second app without having to leave the one you are using. So, this Split-screen idea is very practical because two apps can work at the same time without having to renounce to one or the other.

iPad Pro Price

These upcoming multitasking features will be up for grabs on the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and other upcoming devices, minus the Split-screen one, which will only work on iPad Air 2.

Improved battery life has definitely been the focal point for Apple and the new iOS 9 will show off these efforts for sure. Apple has validated the fact that a low power mode will be included in iOS 9. So this will give you a 3 hour bonus. So, good things are definitely on the way once the iOS 9 will be released!

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