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Skype is the ideal way of making video calls on desktop PC, Android and Mac.

This is mainly because this app is available for almost all platforms. The best feature of this app is that the users can easily make high quality video calls on a steady internet connection which indicates that if you are having internet, you can easily use Skype on your desktop or mobile.

Skype is a popular app among students, businessmen and professionals. The setup of Skype is so easy that even a non-technical person can download and install this app and start chatting with it. This is a simple process that can be done by anyone. In addition to this, the options in it are also very useful that attract the users easily.

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Very recently, Microsoft announced that it has made few changes in the Skype app for Android devices. They have made few changes in the UI section of the app and fixed certain bugs in the Version 5.10.X of Skype. Besides this, it has got many other options, but the most popular and interesting feature that Microsoft made in Skype is a set of personalized ringtones for skype contact.

What does this custom ringtone mean? How far will it be useful in your conversation?

The set of custom ringtone feature is very easy to comprehend. Just like setting ringtones on phones, you can now set custom ringtone for one Skype contact. For example, if you get lots of calls from your different phone contacts, setting custom ringtones for each of them will let you know which of your contacts is trying to connect with you even before you see the caller’s name on your phone. Generally, in all mobile phones, you will get the option of setting a ringtone for one contact person or a group of people.

This same feature has been implemented in Skype. If you are having lots of contacts in Skype and receive maximum number of calls from a particular person or group, you can set custom ringtone for that particular person or group by availing the latest feature of Skype. However, this feature of Skype has been introduced for the Android users only. It is hoped that this feature will soon be available for other operating systems as well.

How to set Skype custom ringtone on an Android device?

This feature has been implemented in Skype app very recently. To avail this option, you need to download the latest edition of Skype. To analyze the version of Skype on your mobile and desktop, please follow the steps below.

Make sure you have the latest version of Skype in your desktop PC or mobile. After that, proceed to settings > app. Search for the latest Skype and click on it. You will get the version number showing in the app store.

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If you already download the latest version of Skype namely 5.10.X, then you follow the steps below to avail the latest features. However, if you don’t have that version, then you must update Skype in your mobile and desktop. To do that, you need to go to Google Play Store, search for the latest version of Skype for Android, open the app and tap on the update button.

Once the installation and update is complete, open the app to set custom ringtones for contacts. Click on People tab option; choose a contact for which you would like to set a custom ringtone. Click on the button that shows three dots and then select any ringtone from the ringtone options.

In the ringtone category, you will get two choices — one is custom ringtone set and another is default ringtone set. From these two options, you can select custom ringtone option to set a ringtone for a particular Skype contact.