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A few weeks ago, Google announced a new version of Hangouts 4.0 for the Android users. This latest version comes with a bunch of benefits that only the users of the app can find out.

So, if you have not been using this Hangouts app for instant messaging as well as voice and video calling purposes, it is time you downloaded this new version from the Google Play Store and start enjoying the new features it has to offer.

The app has been made easier to use, smooth and easy on the eyes as well. The interface is cool and navigation is straightforward. If you get to know this app well, you may end up never turning back.

Why you should install the latest Google Hangouts on your Android phone

In previous versions of the Android mobile operating system, there was a default messaging app known as GTalk. However, this application was replaced by Google Hangouts when Android Lollipop was rolled out and the same has happened in other platforms as well, where the GTalk app was being used.

Google Hangouts

This new app comes with lots of new abilities for the millions who use it. The first thing you will be able to do is send messages to not just one person, but to multiple users at a given moment. You can easily add any person to an ongoing conversation and share with them what you want as a group.

Unlike WhatsApp, which only works on one mobile phone, one Hangouts account can be used on multiple phones, tablets as well as PCs and everything will be synced in all the devices. In short, what this means is that you can have the Hangouts app open in your tablet and still access it via your phone or laptop without any problems.

Another great addition to this app is the ability to make calls to local and international friends. All you need is an internet connection – mobile data or Wi-Fi – and the recipient should also be using this app. The calls involved in this case are not just voice calls; you can also enjoy HD-quality video calls for free using the Google Hangouts app.

How to archive messages in the latest Google Hangouts 4.0 for Android

As noted above, the latest version of Google Hangouts for Android has a lot to showcase. Another great addition to this platform is the ability to archive messages. It only takes one step and you will have all your messages hidden from prying eyes and in the end, your privacy will be enhanced.


Start by opening the app and then simply tap and hold on any message that you wish to archive. It is possible to do so for multiple messages and once this step is done, just tap on the Archive button to complete the action.

If you want to make the archives messages available in the messages list again, all you need to do is head over to the Menu and then tap on “Archived” option. All the messages that were hidden in the Archive folder will appear in the messages list where you can now open or manipulate them as you wish.