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Skype for business version improves communication and association.

This new update has upgraded and streamlined the interaction with customers and employees throughout the globe. This app goes where you go and therefore you can contact with people from anywhere in the world. With this new update, the users can keep track of their contacts in a single user interface and this eventually helps them to easily start video or voice calling or to attend any web conference and send IMS from any corner of the world.

The aim of launching Skype for business is to make your every working day effective as well as productive.

Skype for Business

Let’s take a look at how it can make your working day productive:

  • Organizing multiple tools for communication into one place
  • Allowing meeting organization and implementation from outlook
  • Reducing the need of physical meetings with advanced communication technology as well as audio conference
  • Facilitating to organize back to back conference or meeting without leaving your desk

Thus, the updated version of Skype helps you to communicate with your consumers via text messaging, video calling, voice calling, etc. Therefore, it is good news for those entrepreneurs who would like to establish direct communication with the customers in the form of customer support service.

However, this feature comes with some limitations such as, users cannot share desktop with those using consumer Skype. Desktop sharing is a popular feature among small organizations with limited budget.

 To start with Skype for business you must follow the following steps

To avail the features of Skype, you must check the audio and video port of your device. Skype for business is about to make voice and video calls to customers and employees. To check the configuration settings of your device, follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the option button at the upper right side of Skype
  2. To check audio setting, click on audio device in Skype, there you will get options of checking the testing buttons to make sure that your microphone, speaker and ringtone are all in proper condition.
  3. To check video setting, Click on the Video device button. Check the camera of your device is working well or else you can adjust the setting if needed.

How to set Skype for business meetings?

You can set business meetings in Skype through Outlook.

  • Open Outlook, click on the calendar and then go to new Skype meeting option
  • Click on the meeting option and set time and date according to your convenience
  • In the dialogue box of Skype meeting, you can select one meeting space option from different choices.
  • After setting the time, date and meeting space, click on the remember option

With this new version of Skype, you can easily connect with people living in different parts of the world. Business owners can reach out to any employee and customer of his company in just a few seconds or they can connect with thousands of people via Skype on your tablet or mobile. If you would like to create a business group on Skype, you can add up to 250 people to the group, all you need is a trusted internet connection.


In every business meeting, confidentiality in terms of business deals, data and information plays an important role. Therefore, in the latest version of Skype, all communication or conversation are protected by effective encryption and authentication system. You can control the accounts of your employees that allow you to add or remove the users from the group according to your requirement.

If you are using a Microsoft platform, the account information of each employee in your organization will automatically be recognized in your Skype contact. This new update of Skype works solely on advanced communication technology.