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The internet today is so resourceful that no one believes anything, unless they confirm it from the internet, particularly through Google.

However, the question of whether the queries that are forwarded to the internet should be handled by machines or humans is still a tricky affair to properly find the answers to.

Facebook thinks it can make things otherwise with its newly launched M, a personal digital assistant. M joins a hotbed of other digital assistants in the shape of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. However, this service brings something different and unique to the millions who use the Messenger messaging app.

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Step aside Google Now, Cortana and Siri

Facebook has officially joined the digital assistant game with its new M service. This feature is meant for the more than 700 million people who use the Facebook Messenger app. Unlike the other already established members of the digital assistants family, Facebook M has the capability to perform human-like services such as find birthday gifts, purchase items, make restaurant reservations and travel arrangements as well as book appointments for you, among many others.

According to the President of Facebook Messaging department, David Marcus, the latest release has only been availed to a few hundred users, an indicator that this service is still undergoing beta tests. Those living in and within San Francisco Bay will be treated to this new update in the coming days before the full version is availed to all Messenger users.

Facebook M is better than Cortana, Siri and Google Now

Even though Facebook M has just joined a field that is already being dominated by services from Apple, Google and Microsoft, it will have an edge over all of these three services thanks to its ability to perform tasks that none of these three competitors offer.

There is no doubt that all of these digital assistants leverage artificial intelligence, however, M has another tool that the company hopes it will help in setting its services and those of Google Now, Siri and Cortana miles apart. Facebook M makes use of actual people in responding to questions you ask it. Other than leveraging from artificial intelligence, M makes use of people known as M trainers and their task is to ensure that every request made through the M feature is appropriately responded to.

Facebook Messenger Chat Update

How Facebook M works

Facebook M is a very simple tool to use. When in need of its help, just tap on the button at the bottom of the Facebook Messenger app and from here, you can send any message to M via text or a recorded audio file. For instance, if you find yourself in a new city and you are craving for pizza, you can simply ask M to recommend the best restaurant you can get the best pizza and make a reservation for you as well. It will be very hard to tell whether the results came from an actual person or a bot.

Facebook M has no gender

Unlike Cortana and Siri that have some gender-like traits, M has no such attachments. You only get the results of what you asked in form of text. Furthermore, M differs from Google Now which pulls data about your search preferences from the search engine when providing you with the search results; however, we might see this change in the near future as Facebook works towards streamlining the service and making it better.

The three major competitors of M come preinstalled in operating systems, but this Facebook service will be integrated into the Messenger app. This means that this service will only be available for those using this messaging app.