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With the 9/9 media convention drawing near, there have been more and more details exposed regarding the price sticker for the Apple TV device.

The Apple TV 4 packed with Siri as well as App Store support will end up costing $199 , this is what 9toMAc’s claims. A pretty big jump from the former Apple TVs that were priced at $99 when they first came out.

Apple TV, Apple TV Price, Apple Store

Apple is still working on the final costs for this upcoming Apple TV. Currently, there is a coin toss between $149 and $199. Another exciting thing is the Apple Web TV streaming service that will be unveiled in 2016 and will reach the Apple TV 4 and the Apple TV 3 device. The latter service will cost $40/month.

The Apple TV 4  will have an A8 chip under the hood, the exact same one that fires up the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus version. Users will fall in love with the touch type of remote with a microphone built inside it, perfect if you want to ask Siri a question. The UI will be revamped and your TV set will have App Store included as well. So, with all of these new functionalities popping-up, expect the new device to be highly-priced.

Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV

So, does the new control feature added in the TV set give you some ideas? Yes, games are on our mind too. This might happen in the future, so we are keeping our finger crossed.

It’s a sure thing that the big announcement will be made at the 9/9 event. The product will hit the shelves in the month of October. At this year’s event scheduled for the following month, Apple will also unveil brand new iPhone handsets and of course the new Apple TV. This is a very important move for Apple, one that will surely calm things down until the iPad Pro‘s big unveiling.