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Just a month after it was officially released, Microsoft reveals that already more than 75 million devices have been installed with the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Even though this is an amazing achievement when compared to Windows 8, the company is still miles away from achieving its target of running on a billion devices that include mobile phones, tablets, computers and many others.

More than 90, 000 PC and tablet models are being powered by Windows 10

A recent statement released by the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Marketing for Windows revealed that more than 90,000 models of computers and tablets have already been installed with the latest Windows 10 operating system.


Also, he continues to add, there are more than 75 million gadgets that have already seen this new OS installed on them.According to him, this number is only expected to increase. The current OS is not the best you’d want on your PC as it has yet to receive some of the features that were hyped to come along with this new operating system. The company, however, promised that it will be rolling out additional features throughout the year, and updates will be rolled out to users to download and install them on their devices.

During the first 24 hours of Windows 10 release, more than 14 million people installed the OS on their devices. This was a slight indicator of how a success this OS was going to turn out and as it seems, things are not going bad in the Microsoft camp. Stakes are high as the company works through pushing the OS to PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Microsoft to use Windows 10 to boost its mobile sales

There are a lot of positives from the debuting Windows 10. With a user base of more than 75 million people in just one month, this OS seems to be destined for great and for sure, it will achieve what Windows 8.1 failed to.

Microsoft has been struggling in the mobile industry ever since it took over Nokia. The Lumia phones have yet to be embraced by many, but with the release of Windows 10, the company hopes that things will be different. Android and iOS have already dominated the market with their products and as a result, Microsoft will have to make an extra effort to convince people that this is the ultimate OS for their mobile gadgets.

Windows 10 vs. Mac OS X 10.11

Windows 10 is free

In a bid to ensure that the operating system reaches as many people as possible, Microsoft decided against selling the first copy of Windows 10 to its users. Instead, the upgrade is available for free for any person using a licensed Windows 7 service pack 1 and Windows 8.1. This is probably the major reason we are experiencing huge increments in the number of devices installed with this new OS.

Mobile devices will be better than before with the new OS as they will allow voice, gesture and pen input as well as biometric identification in some cases. This is a measure to ensure that all of your personal information in your mobile gadget remains safe regardless of what.

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