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Certain things are about to start up in the messaging app world to popularize the instant messaging apps across the world.

WeChat, an instant messaging app is quite popular overseas; however, it failed to target users in the United States. Similarly, Viber, a popular messaging app got worldwide acceptance, but in certain states, it failed to grab the market and therefore, it has appointed several marketing agencies that help it to reach its target customers. The marketing agencies that it has appointed include Laundry service for social media, Allison, and partners for PR, Essence for media and Droga5 for creative.

These agencies will help Viber to market its features in the United States, the place where it hopes to get the maximum number of users. Viber had never taken the help of marketing agencies before and used only a couple of shops to showcase its features since it was founded four years ago.

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Mark Hardy, CMO of Viber said that the United States is their main target market and therefore, they are looking forward to implementing some effective marketing strategies to drive their success. Their main aim of working with famous marketing agencies is to expand their presence across the globe and engage users with the app. Let’s take a look at Viber’s engagement strategy.

Engagement Strategy of Viber

As per the engagement strategy of Viber, it is constantly developing new and innovative features to engage its users. Right from digital fun stickers, public chat to entertainment, sports, and much more users will get in this feature. Localizing this app is the key to this strategy, and these marketing agencies will help to popularize this app with the US users. Thus, Viber can achieve its goal of connecting with people, spreading good vibes every day and making good things happen.

Viber offers text messaging, free voice/video calls, photo sharing, file sharing, location sharing and much more. It also provides value-added services to its users such as Viber stickers, games, public chats, etc. Some of the toughest competitors such as WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are taking part in the race to add these features to the apps.

Viber has announced it has around 600 million registered users globally. However, the company does not break out the news regarding how many of them are active users. According to the reports of Forrester, Facebook Messenger is the number # 1 messaging app in the United States in terms of Smartphone users. Google hangouts comes close behind; followed by other popular messaging apps like Snapchat, Kype, Group me, Kick, etc. Viber is in the ninth position.

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This is the reason that Viber has made such a huge marketing investment to fulfill the desire of grabbing the US market. The makers of Viber are continuously working on it to add new features, and the marketers are taking all potential steps to popularize this app across the globe. Mr. Nelson said that Viber has taken its first step towards monetizing through its colorful and attractive sticker market. This step has proved to be a successful venture because of its immense popularity in Asia. Researchers have said that these stickers are the real source of revenue for these messaging apps.

Therefore, Viber ramps up global marketing activity with an aim to create a robust global identity that offers flexibility to users as well as local markets. Motivated by the message of spreading good vibes, the app needs to be inclusive, reflecting the sociability of the brand and to do this, these marketing agencies will help. The company is confident this new strategy with effective creative direction will drive the future success of Viber and establish it as a brand of entertainment and lifestyle.