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WeChat has made it public that it now has a following of 600 million people from all over the world.

During the first quarter of this year, this Chinese-based messaging app reported that it was serving more than 549 million users monthly.

Things seems to getting better for WeChat as a few months later, the app has managed to add another 50 million users to its platform, bringing the figure to the present 600+ million users. The development this app is coming in with should be for sure be sounding a warning to Facebook-owned WhatsApp, even though WeChat still has more than 200 million users to bring on board, before it matches the current figure of this app, which has more than 800 million users. Conversely, the figure of 800 million was announced by the company in April and it represented a 100 million increment from January’s declaration.


As of now, it is arguably true to say that WhatsApp has already managed 900 monthly active users, a figure that WeChat will for sure struggle to match in the course of this year.

WeChat is well equipped with massive features and services

As noted above, WhatsApp has more users than WeChat; however, it is true to say that the latter is better equipped with features and services than the former. You will find things such as stickers, video calling, 6-second video recording as well as Sight and Voiceprint; features that are not available on WhatsApp and many other messaging apps.

According to the company, the efforts that have come to the app in the recent past have been aimed at making the user experience amazingly uncomplicated. The app is also determined to provide the users with seamless online and offline communication experience through this platform.

Animated stickers doing the trick for WeChat

Animated stickers and emojis have taken over the world of instant messaging. Users have fallen in love with these characters as you can see them all over the messages, trying to communicate better as opposed to using words. Developers have noticed this and are taking advantage of the situation, with more and more stickers aboard many apps.

WeChat is among the leading users of animated stickers and it has a very interesting collection for its millions of users. The company revealed that stickers were a major contributor to the increase in number of users the app has seen in the past quarter. For instance, in a country like India, animated stickers such as Angry Aunty, Bollywood, Mona Darling and others have really caught the attention of the public.

WeChat, Viber, Messenger

Another feature that makes WeChat a hot app is the voice and video calling facility. The Tencent-owned app has revamped this feature to ensure that the users get HD-quality sound and videos during both voice and video calls. This has made this application a top dog in this industry and a preferred destination for many smartphone owners.

Bottom line

WeChat is very popular in Asia, but it is also competing against other major apps in this region, namely LINE and KakaoTalk, all of which offer some excellent features and services as well.

However, all these three apps have yet to impress on the international stage, something that WeChat has started addressing by intensifying its marketing campaigns and presence in North America.

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