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Apple is planning to unveil the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices on September 9, 2015. After a few weeks, these two devices will be officially released, but we suggest you to wait for the arrival of the iPhone 7, instead.

The iPhone 7 will be released in 2016, but it will come with a lot of new features and today we’re going to give you some reasons why you should wait for this upcoming device instead of purchasing the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6S Plus.

iOS 9

According to experts, the iOS 8 that the iPhone 6 runs on is not a major step from the previous iOS version. The iOS 9 will not be such a big improvement either and this is why you should wait for the upcoming iPhone 7 which will probably run on iOS 10. We will most likely have to wait one year until this new operating system will be released and we’re pretty sure that the developers will add a lot of new improvements and features to it.

iPhone 6 Plus vs. iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone S variants

In a previous report, Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Security said that 2015 will be different for Apple, as they are going to jump directly to the iPhone 7 device and we will not see any iPhone 6S device. However, Kuo has changed his mind and said that the iPhone 7 will be released in 2016.

Unfortunately, according to the KGI analyst, Apple’s fans will need to wait another 12 months until the iPhone 7 will be released.

According to rumors, the iPhone 6S series will be almost identical to the iPhone 6 lineup. The build, look and design will be almost the same and this is one of the reasons why you should not change your iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus with the iPhone 6S series devices.

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The iPhone 6S will not feature a 32GB model

Likewise the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S will start with a 16GB storage configuration. However, in case you need more space, you will opt for the 64GB edition, but you will pay some extra money for it. For some reason, Apple is not planning to bring an iPhone 6S device that will feature a 32GB of internal storage.


According to TechTastic, the iPhone 6S – 16GB variant will cost 650 dollars, while the iPhone 6S Plus – 16GB variant will cost 750 dollars. Instead of paying so much money for this device, Apple’s fans should wait and purchase the iPhone 7 – 32GB variant for most likely the same amount of money.