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Instagram will now be letting its more than 250 million users post portrait and landscape photos and not just square photos.

This is an improvement that comes with a major update that was rolled out a few days ago for the Android and iOS users.

This photo-sharing application was first meant for sharing photos only. However, regular updates have been creeping in slowly and now the application can be used to share photos that include texts and tags as well. One thing that has been hindering the users when it comes to sharing photos on Instagram is that they could only upload photos in a square format.

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Instagram now allows sharing of videos in full size

The latest update of Instagram now offers the users an ability to not just share full size photos in landscape and portrait formats, but also to share videos in the same formats. This is a feature that was not possible in the past as the users were only limited to the square format.

Now that there is a new ability to share photos on Instagram does not mean the old ways are gone. According to a statement by the company, the introduction of landscape and portrait orientation is only a way of opening up the app to more options when it comes to sharing visual stories. These are the best ways of making these moments as much fun and simple as possible, just like the users want them.

Instagram update aimed at leveraging the growing consumption of mobile video

When you launch the updated version of Instagram, you will notice a new format button just above the camera roll. This button comes in handy when you want to toggle between a square photo and a full-size photo. After making the selection, the application offers room for zooming in and out in order to end up with the best crop for the photos being uploaded.

There is a recent growth in the amount of videos being consumed on the mobile devices and this update couldn’t come at a better time. This is especially because the rival company, Snapchat, has already been booming with the portrait videography it offers for the mobile users.

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Bottom line

The new Instagram update comes in at the right time. The consumption of video media is at a record high and there is need to streamline services towards this space. The update means that the users of this photo-sharing app will be able to enjoy a widescreen view that is almost cinematic.

Furthermore, this update brings a union to the photo and video sharing aspects of this application, especially the filters such that all of them can be applied to any post without minding about its original format.

This latest update is available for all users of the Android and iOS devices.

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