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Facebook is with no doubt the leading provider of social networking solutions.

The Facebook app connects more than 1 billion on a daily basis, a figure that no other application has ever managed.

The company goes ahead and boasts even more as far as connecting people from all over the world is concerned. Thanks to their messaging app Messenger and WhatsApp. The former app has more than 700 million monthly active users while the latter boasts a massive 800+ million monthly active users.

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Despite these massive figures for the two instant messaging apps, the parent site has massive figures to brag about. The platform itself has more than 1.5 billion users. However, not all of these users actively engage on Facebook.

Nonetheless, the CEO of the company Mark Zuckerberg has made a recent announcement that the company is living its dream.At any given moment seven people are present; one of these persons is using Facebook to connect with family and friends from all over the world.

The first time Facebook has managed to connect 1 billion people in a day

According to a post by the CEO of this social networking giant on his Facebook page, this is the first time Facebook has managed to connect more than 1 billion in a single day. It is for sure not an easy thing to have a billion people using a single platform in a single day and according to the Zuck, the company has just passed a very important milestone.


When asked when he thinks is the best time to monetize Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, the Zuck talked about how sweet it gets to work with a billion people. This is happening with the main Facebook app, and it will soon be working for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as well. The co-founder of Facebook also noted that it is only the beginning of connecting the globe, an indicator that more is expected to come to this platform and the other messaging apps affiliated to the company.

Facebook will be joining the likes of Siri, Google Now and Cortana by launching a digital assistant known as M. This assistant will be integrated into the Messenger app, and it will help a lot in performing different tasks, for instance, searching for information about new places you visit.